Top 5 Ways To Make Money On TikTok In 2020

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Why TikTok Is Such A Hit

Hello, netizens! Who among you hasn’t heard of TikTok yet? I guess, no one, right?

TikTok is today’s most popular social platform. It’s the mastermind behind the buzz of scrolling and watching fun and creative bite-sized videos. Today, using TikTok is the easiest way to get entertained. Since TikTok only allows for short video posts, users are pushed to create maximum appeal content that will surely be unforgettable to millions-worth audience.

But, have you ever wondered if you can make money on TikTok? When I got to know it, I was surprised and excited, too! If you are planning to use TikTok beyond entertainment and more towards income-generation, the good news is it’s possible and legal. Now, let me share with you the five easy ways you can use TikTok to earn bucks. Let’s go!

Top Five Ways On How To Make Money On TikTok

Become an influencer

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On how to make money as a TikTok influencer, you first must create unique, original, and relevant content. These types of content are the ones with better chances to become viral and once it happens, your account will be followed by millions of users all around the world. Once you reach a certain level of following, you will become part of the TikTok influencers community and you can begin monetizing your TikTok account via marketing campaigns, ads, and deals.

Be an influencer campaign manager

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If you have a network of TikTok influencers, then you can actually propose to become their campaign manager. As such, you will be very much like a talent manager who does the brokering, managing, and coordinating between the TikTok influencers and the brands who want to work with them. For your management services as a middleman, you will get to earn a fixed rate or a percentage from the contract.

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Grow an account and sell it

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If you want to go down this route, you first must select a niche, preferably something you’re passionate about or highly interested in. Afterwards, create content about your selected niche until something goes viral. Once it happens, many TikTok users will follow your account, and therefore increase your audience reach. Once you obtain the desirable number of followers, you can now sell your account to a brand or a company who has products or services related to your niche. The benefit of this is the company who buys your account will be able to sell their products and services easier to a large number of people at any given time.

Join the TikTok ads platform

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If you want your products and services to be accessible to many TikTok users, especially those who don’t follow you yet, you can join the TikTok ads platform. You just need to pay a certain amount for ad fees and this marketing strategy could significantly widen your market reach.

Become a TikTok consultant

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If you already know the best practices and strategies on maximizing the potentials of TikTok to your favor, then you can help others be as successful as you are by becoming their TikTok consultant. If you help these creators increase their following, develop highly-viral content, and close deals or agreements, you can go and charge them a fixed rate or a percentage from their contracts.



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