Stay Connected With Your Customers During A Crisis.

If there is one thing that has come out of this current world crisis, it is our ability as a society to remain as connected as possible. Businesses all over the world are doing their best to remain relevant, and in-touch with their consumers on a personal level. It is important, as a small business owner, that you do your best to be proactive in connecting with your customers, even if you can’t do so in person. Here are some ways to remain connected to your customers during a crisis.


  • Proactive Communication.


In a time like this, you never want to wait for your customers to come to you for information; you always want to go to them. Remain as proactive as possible in all of your communication channels, and try to keep your customers informed on your business actions, information, and promotions as often as possible.


  • Digital Communication.


Digital communication is more important now than ever before; especially for small businesses that primarily operate within brick & mortar locations. Try to make regular social media posts, and send our email updates periodically to keep your customers ‘in-the-know’. Remember, your customers are likely to be interested in how their favorite small businesses are handling this crisis, and engagement with them through social media or email is a great way to show them. Not all of your updates need to be business related, either. Feel free to get as personal as you feel appropriate, and try to connect with your customers on a human level, as they are also struggling.

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  • Serve Your Community.


Small business owners know more than most how important their community is to them; now is a great time to give back! Try to find a way that your business can serve those in need within your community. Host live stream events to provide entertainment; offer a service that would help those who are in need; give back to essential workers on the front lines of the crisis. Every bit helps, and it will strengthen your bond with your own customers and community as a whole!


  • Donations.


Any of your customers likely want to help as much as possible, but maybe don’t know how to exactly. This is a great opportunity to try and organize a donation system that can help get your customers involved with your own efforts. Set up donation portals, and contribute yourself, and provide your customers with info about where their money is going–even if it is to keep your own business afloat. By organizing a cause that your customers can rally with you behind, you will be doing good, and bonding alongside your customers and fellow small business owners.


  • Final Thoughts.


People these days do not want to be pandered to; we all understand that the world is in a state of disarray right now. By being a voice of reason, and using your business platform to keep in touch with your customers and giving them an outlet to help alongside you; you will be able to create a wonderful avenue for communication with them during this crisis. We are all in this together!

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