Tips to Keep Your House Healthy and Safe for Your Family

It’s often said that home is where the heart is. It’s a dangerous and unfriendly world out there, so home should be the one place that you can retreat to in order to escape from all that. However, there can be dangers and other hazards lurking in your home without you even realizing. These can hinder your comfort or even worse, prove to be dangerous when left unattended. Here are a few tips to keep in that will help you keep your home healthy and safe.


Make sure your alarms are functioning

It can be easy to forget about maintaining any alarms you’ve installed in your home. But these alarms don’t maintain themselves nor do they run indefinitely, so it’s up to you to ensure that they’re always ready to alert you of any danger. Refer to the manual to know when a battery change is in order, and if you can, test the alarms to make sure that you don’t have a faulty unit.


Buy a filter for your tap water to keep your home healthy and safe

The running water from your faucet may look clean to you, but lots of pollutant or contaminants in water are invisible to the naked eye. Many households drink their tap water, seeing as it’s better economically and environmentally than buying bottled water in bulk. Buying a water filter for your taps will add another line of defense against any pollutants hiding in the water you drink.


Clean out the lint trap in your dryer

Some appliances have features that keep your home healthy and safe without you even knowing. The lint trap in your dryer catches any stray fabric fuzz that detaches from your clothes, to ensure the load is lint free. But all that fuzz can eventually build up and hinder the efficiency of your dryer, or worse, cause a fire. The lint caught in the trap will eventually become dry and flammable, and with it being exposed to the heat from the dryer can cause it to ignite. Make sure to locate the trap and clean it out after every few loads.

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Replace your shower heads

Moist places are often breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria. And the inside of your shower heads are cool, dark chambers that are blasted with water every single day. Many household find that disassembling their shower heads leads them to find built up gunk and mold that has been left unattended for years. Meaning that the water that passes through become contaminated with the bacterium, and end up on or within our bodies. You can clean the shower heads yourself, but bacteria has proven to become more resilient over the past years. Install a newly purchased shower head to keep your home healthy and safe.


Invest in an air purifier

Many studies have shown that the air we breathe in our homes have many pollutants and dirt contaminating it. Things such as toxic chemicals from cleaning materials, pathogens, asbestos, pet dander, and many others can be found within indoor air. This can be dangerous for those with an impaired respiratory system, or may even worsen the symptoms of those with asthma. Proper ventilation is a good way to combat this, but buying an air purifier can help keep your house healthy and safe. They work to neutralize pathogens and filter out anything the human body can do without.



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