How To Stay Safe on a Cruise

Stay Safe on a Cruise

As fun as an international cruise can be, it can also be risky if you don’t stay cautious. You’ll find plenty of amazing scenes around the Middle East during a cruise. You will also enjoy many amazing ports of call around Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, and many other places in the Middle East. But you will enjoy your experience in the Middle East more if you ensure your safety and protection while in the area. Here are a few things to consider when staying safe on a cruise.

Stay Safe on a Cruise


Pack the Right Things


Be sure you pack not only the clothes and medications you will need but also a few things for your safety. You can bring a small portable flashlight for if the power runs out on board. Sunscreen is also a necessity if you’re departing from Abu Dhabi, Muscat, or another port where the sun can be intense. You can also bring a wedge for your cabin door as an additional protective measure to keep people from entering your room.


Stay Safe Around the Pools and the Rails


Some of the common causes of drowning on a cruise ship come from people not being responsible near the pools, saunas, and other watery spots around the ship. People also often drown when they are too close to the rails, as they can fall overboard.


Never drink alcohol before or while you’re near one of the pools or other watery spaces or near the rails. Make sure the floors around these areas are safe and clean and that you won’t slip on any of the surfaces. For pools, always go swimming only when other people are there, and never try to use these pools or saunas when they are closed.

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Cleaning Is Critical


The extensive group contact you’ll experience while on a cruise ship can be dangerous, as the many cases of norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships show. Some of the germs that might spread around a ship are ones more common to parts of the Middle East and might be more dangerous than you are used to. You can prevent potential harm by regularly washing while on a cruise ship. Wash your hands regularly, and bring a hand sanitizer with you. Bring antibacterial wipes when using the bathroom at any port of call you visit.

Avoid Carrying Large Amounts of Cash


The only time you’d need any cash on a cruise ship is if you’re going to visit the ship’s casino. Stick with using a credit card for any transactions you wish to complete while on the cruise ship. It’s also best to use a card at a port of call, especially since every country in the Middle East has its own distinct currency. What works in one country may not work in another.


Always Attend the Muster Drill


A cruise ship will have a muster drill before it embarks. The drill helps you learn where you will go if there is an emergency on board. The drill provides details on what alarms may sound, how to prepare and wear a life jacket, and what to do when disembarking from the ship during an emergency.


Be sure you pay attention to the muster drill and that you recognize what needs to work here. Some people might ignore the muster drill, or they might attend but not necessarily listen to what’s happening here. But by knowing what to do during an emergency, you will ensure your safety.

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