How To Make A Banner Ad In Canva

Consumers across the world are switching gradually to online shopping. They are also directed to the online business websites at some stage of their interaction with a business. In today’s digital world of digital marketing, the feel and look of your business website are quite important. Therefore, it is important to build a fast-loading, easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing website for the consumers with lots of features. There are also several software applications available that can be used for making business ads and banners online. These online ads and banners can bring to you more business while also making your brand popular.

Know More About a Web banner

Display web banners or banners are the ads/digital advertisements that are embedded in the websites. These banners and advertisements can drive more customers to a website. Many of the renowned and popular digital and software applications including Canva offer you the opportunity to design and create your web banner quickly and easily. These banners may also be known as header photos or cover photos.


A banner is often the first impression that a website makes on the web surfers, users, and consumers. Typically, a banner is placed on the top of a web page and is the point of contact between the web visitors and the website. Banners can also improve the experience of the users and make a big impact on the way they react to a website and online business. Well-created banners can make a customer and visitors stay on a web page and website for longer. Therefore, it can enhance the chances of a sale. You can create a web banner on Canva and increase your conversion rates on your website without spending any extra money on it.

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Step by Step Process for Creating a Banner Ad in Canva


Canva is a popular application and software development tool that helps businesses/individuals create online banners. It is one of those applications that also offers a chance to create a banner free of cost. There is a paid membership as well that can bring to you many more features. You can use Canva to create a variety of banners including social media advertisements and banners, advertisements/digital banners, situational banners, LinkedIn/Tumblr banners, and the website and blog banners. Below is the step-by-step process following which you can create a banner and digital advertisement in Canva.

Step 1: Create an account on Canvas.

Step 2: Once you are logged into the website, you can search for banners in the search box.

Step 3: You will now get an option to choose a template for your digital advertisement and web banner. The website will push to you many different kinds of templates for your banner. They will have different themes and styles as well. You must pick one of these based on your needs.

Step 4: Click on the most appropriate template design and theme. See to it that it resonates well with your business and advertisement idea.

Step 5: Once the template is chosen, you can now start to design your banner. During designing, you can edit the colors, and add to the design and banner your images and logos. You can also use the other editing tools that are available in Canva.

Step 6: Once your design is ready, you can customize it further. You will get the features including drop-down, swap, and others that you can use to edit the fonts and text. You can also try many different kinds of color combinations.

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Step 7: During editing, you can also choose many different kinds of design elements for your banner. These include the font logos, icons, illustrations, images, graphs, and others.

Step 8: Once you have customized your online ad banner and digital advertisement you can download it and share it with anybody you want. Even those with a free account can download the digital ad banner and file in JPG, PNG, and PDF formats.

One important thing to remember during designing a banner is its key elements. Some of the important elements of a good and effective web banner include:

  • The main headline along with the sub-text.
  • An appealing color scheme or image.
  • The business or personal logo.
  • A well-crafted CTA (call to action).


You can choose the JPG file when your banner carries photos. The GIF file is good for animated banners. However, if your web banner does not contain any photos and only carries illustrations, you can choose the PNG file.


Benefits of Creating a Banner Ad in Canva


Below are some important benefits of creating a web banner and digital advertisement in Canvas


a. It will create a more positive and delightful first impression and experience for the customers.


b. You can create the banners on the websites and direct more traffic to your website by offering the customers compelling offers and deals.


c. The advertisement can make a good impression and help the customers solve their pain points.


d. You can also change, modify, and adjust the graphics of your banner ad from time to time to keep it fresh and exciting.

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e. The banners can reveal to the customers how a product looks, its specifications, and the way it can be used.


f. Canva offers of variety of features that come at no cost. These include graphical elements, forms, animation, stock photos, and others.


g. You can increase the conversion rate of your website and online business while not spending anything on it.


h. The Canva software and platform can also be used on tablets and mobiles/smartphones.


i. Apart from digital advertisements and online banners, Canva can be used for creating a variety of other content including invitations, presentations, brochures, posters, and business cards among others.


j. You need not pay any graphic designer for creating a digital advertisement and banner for you as Canva allows you to make it for free.


k. Unlike other software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, you do not require extensive learning and training for using Canva.




People may often think that there are only expensive tools like Photoshop that can be used for creating digital and online content and web banner ads. Canva is an exception to it. The graphic design and modification tool and the software can be used for creating customized graphics quickly and easily. The highly user-friendly tool can also be used for creating social media content. Canva is free of cost. You can use the software and application now to create exciting banners that can enhance your business and increase your sales.



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