How to get free followers on instagram, organically

The main principle of Instagram


Instagram will show your content to a wider audience only if your content will keep people on Instagram for few seconds or minutes longer. So to get FREE Followers on Instagram, what you need to do is to keep people scrolling the platform.


How? Here is a few tips.


Regular Posting


The first rule to get free followers on Instagram is to post content regularly. Depending on what type of page you are managing, is important that you give yourself the pace. You should be deciding to post once a day, for at least 3 days a week, on the Instagram feed. Whereas the Instagram stories should be done every day, the use of engaging tools like the poll and the “Ask Me a Question”, can make the story go viral as your followers participate and engage with your story.

The ideal time to post is between 9am and 3pm during the week, whereas during the weekend is between 9am and 11am.


High Quality Content


As obvious as it may seem, to get free followers on Instagram, the content should be of a high quality at all time. The best influencers often hire a photographer, or spend money on expensive cellphone with great camera. When the content is pleasing to your eyes, it will always go back to your mind, and you would check that page over and over.




The caption is not to be underestimated when it comes to the Free followers on Instagram, especially if you are looking to an organic fan base.

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There is not an ideal caption, but there are key features that a caption should follow. One of them is the ability to tell a story, do not be afraid of writing a fairly long caption, as long as you are telling an interesting story. The second principal is to leave “food for thoughts” with a call to action: “comment below if you…”

The technique, once you master it, it will give you the best results.




One of the main ways to get FREE Followers on Instagram is the use of hashtags. To start with, it is good for you to have a look on the platform and on other people’s post, what hashtags they use. Instagram, as you may know, gives the option to search for hashtags in the search bar, but also to follow them, and see how many people follow a certain hashtag. The use of hashtag should be frequently and constant on the same hashtag, so that people following it will see more and more of your content each time.




To get free followers on Instagram, the tagging is very important. This is a principle valid for any type of page, and content creator.

If you are a musician, you would want to tag the brand of your guitar and your amplifier. This way whoever follows those brands, will see your post too into the research page.

Same as if you were a travel blogger, you could tag the Restaurants where you have your meals, or the Camping company where you placed your tent last night.

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Social influencers and Models, should first give credit by tagging the photographer, second, this is going to be the next paragraph.




This may not be suitable for all kinds of content creator, but just so you know, to get free followers on Instagram, you may want to use the power of collaborating with other users in your same niece.

Bands Collaborations, this can be a simple TikTok duet format, or a proper video of a song you would be playing, followed by the hashtag and the tag of the artists themselves.

For influencers, it is pretty much like Youtubers, you should be able to have a picture or a photoshoot with another influencer, possibly slightly more famous than you, but within the same niece, so you would be seen by their followers too!




It is completely understandable that you love the comments under your post, bust another key action that you can do to get free followers on Instagram is to Comment other people posts.

You wouldn’t wanna comment on a Mariah Carey post going like “OMG you are my goddess”, Mariah Carey has lots of that, and probably you do not stand out. You should be able to find profiles with at least the same number of followers and leave a creative and engaging comment.

A good example of creative and engaging content would be “I love the environment and the vibe of this picture! You must feel truly inspired”.

At this point, if you left the comment on the right type of profile, you will definitely have an answer back, and they will probably check your profile.

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Since it has this function, you better be learning how to use it if you want to get free followers on Instagram. The Reels are just like the Tik Tok videos, exactly the same, and no matter what you put into it, they will always be going over 100 views to say the least number. You can use it to make sarcastic posts with background music, or lip-synching to a movie scene, but also, singing to a song while make the lyrics appear in time with the song. The more engaging is the Reel, the easiest is for it to go REALLY VIRAL.




This is the last but also the most demanding tool when it comes getting free followers on Instagram. IGTV are the videos on the feeds that last longer than one minute. No matter what type of content you are going to develop by using this feature, the ideal would be for it to be made by processing the video and possibly audio using a real movie editor software. It is going to be really hard to keep people watching a few minutes long video instead of scrolling to the next smart picture, so way before posting an IGTV think it through. tips free followers on instagram



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