How to set up an Amazon affiliate store?

Amazon affiliate store is one of the most innovative ways to earn commission by simply advertising Amazon products. These products are showcased on individual websites along with a purchase link. These individuals earn commission when some visitors click on these links and purchase those products. Amazon is a great tool to make money and at the same time learn a lot about the online affiliate industry.

Amazon affiliate stores can be opened by anyone following some simple steps. The main hurdles about how to set up an Amazon affiliate store has now been eliminated making it very simple for individuals. Amazon has a lot of products in their store of different categories. Through affiliate stores we market Amazon products aiding them to sell it faster.

In order to start selling Amazon products through affiliate stores one has to follow some simple steps which are mentioned below.

Open a Word press Account


In order to start using Amazon affiliate programs it is necessary to use the platform. To get started one has to open a word press account, a domain name and a SSL certificate. After this it is required to buy an ecommerce plug-in in order to start selling. Once word press is installed when opened the dashboard appears.

Now it is required to install and activate the plug-in. There are various plugins which support Amazon affiliate store products to be showcased. Make sure to choose the one which is best fit for your line of products. Once done there is certain information that is to be filled in order to start generating payments.

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Join Amazon Affiliate Program


Immediately after setting up the word press account and plug-in it is required to join an Amazon affiliate program. This program introduces beginners to the various tools used to enhance and create the store. They also learn the various kinds of revenue that can be earned. Joining this program will give individuals a better perspective of the whole affiliate store program.

This program is also known as Amazon associates. In order to join the affiliate program one has to first log in to the Amazon account. Once logged in the user needs to click the affiliate tab and fill all the required information asked by Amazon. Generally it takes less than 24 hours for Amazon to approve and initiate the program. Once accepted Amazon will send an email which will enable the beginner to a lot of new possibilities. This will bring a new dashboard allowing new tools to manage the store.

Start adding products to your plug-in in word press


After joining the program Amazon will provide tools to handle all operations required to set up products to the plug-in in word press. Adding products into the websites becomes very easy with the help of plug-in. They provide a clear interface to add new products seamlessly to the website. There is an add option which has to be clicked. Once clicked a new page will appear where the title of the product is to be mentioned. Below that a detailed description is to be provided in order to lure visitors to your website to that particular product.

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After that scroll down and select affiliate Product. Then mention the product affiliate URL. This URL is present in the Amazon dashboard whose link is to be copied and pasted here. Once done pictures of the product is to be added. Make sure to put clear and vivid pictures that have white background. This background enables the product to be viewed very easily. Soon after that publish button is to be clicked in order to make the product live. Keep repeating the process to add new products.

Word press Amazon affiliate store customization


Word press comes with a very basic design with limited plug in support. In order to make the store more alive one can add tons of themes and designs that suit the niche of the individual. There are also a lot of plug-in that aid in setting up a product which can be easily found. Using the dashboard gets introduced to all features and different other styles and designs to give your store a new look. Word press is a great platform to start selling if used the right way.

Beginners generally get confused seeing the tons of features and possibilities available. Using them slowly over a period of time helps get accustomed to the whole word press dashboard. Keep the products highlighted by using themes and plug in supports that go together.

Grow your Amazon Affiliate Store


Now that the store is ready and products have been uploaded it is necessary to lure customers to the website. This is only possible by following certain steps that are mentioned below:


Use SEO and optimize the store


One of the most prominent ways of growing the Amazon affiliate store is by using the right search engine optimization. Search engines can prove to be very beneficial as it drives consumers who are looking for the same product directly to the website.

Add Tools and plug in for affiliate marketing


It is very necessary to use the correct tools required to start generating viewers to the websites. There are a lot of these tools available in the store. Carefully select tools that meet your niche and can communicate your product to the public. There are also a wide variety of plug-in which helps drive more viewers and improve the overall look of the website. Take time and learn how to increase viewers by using the correct tools.

Track website traffic


Last of all it is very necessary to track website traffic. This will help to know which product is doing well and which are not. Spend more time on products that are not standing out. Use the correct tools to lift these products up. Add helpful reviews and attractive descriptions of products that need attention. Users are always looking for something new, so make sure to add new products regularly.

Amazon Affiliate marketing can be really interesting if done right. Following all the above steps will solve all hurdles of how to set up an Amazon affiliate store.






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