5 Ways To Make Money As A Kid

Modern technology means that everybody has unlimited opportunities to earn money. Does this include kids as well? Yes, it certainly does! Paper routes and babysitting used to be some of the only ways kids could earn money years ago. These days to make money as a kid it’s much easier and there is a lot more choice!


If you are a kid or parent reading this have a think about how the extra money could be used. It could be added to a college fund, used to pay for your first car, or to buy the latest game console!


These 5 ways to make money as a kid will help you start a fund for whatever you want. Maybe ask your parents to match any earnings you make so you can save more! (Just don’t tell them I suggested that!).


Are Kids Allowed To Work?


There are labor laws that apply to work if you are under the age of 18. You will need to check the labor laws based on your age, what work you will be doing, and any other relevant factors.


However, many of these rules don’t apply if you are working as a freelancer. Simply have a look before starting any work to make sure you are compliant.


You will also need to think about how you will get paid. Under-18’s can’t open a PayPal account and many jobs pay via PayPal. To get around this ask a parent or guardian if they will let you use their account. Check all available payment options before starting any work to make sure you can get paid. You don’t want to waste your time working only to find out you can’t get paid!


5 Ways To Make Money As A Kid


These methods listed are all legit ways for a kid to earn money. You will be pleased to know they cost nothing to start. If you have a computer and an internet connection you are good to go!


Reward Sites


A fun way to earn some money is by joining some reward sites. These sites work by giving you awesome rewards in exchange for your time. You simply need to complete some easy online tasks to get your rewards.


Tasks vary depending on the site. The most common tasks are answering surveys, playing fun games, watching entertaining videos, and completing sign-up offers. Like I said, easy!

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Some sites will give you points for each task you complete that you can then redeem for your rewards. Other sites let you accumulate a cash value for each task, and you can redeem the money when you’ve earned enough to make a withdrawal. Whichever method they use it means you are earning money!


Payment methods also vary for each site. Some will let you withdraw cash usually to a PayPal account. Others will let you claim your rewards as a gift card, a check, or even free steam codes!


Three of the top rewards sites out there are Swagbucks, Mistplay, and Survey Junkie. Don’t limit yourself to just one. Give them all a go and make even more money!




Did you know that in 1905 an 11-year-old invented the first ice lolly? Or that television wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the inventions of a 15-year-old? Amazing stuff right!


Being young doesn’t mean you don’t have fantastic ideas that could change the world. Lots of inventions over the years were thought of by young people.


Your idea doesn’t have to be for a physical product. It could be for an app, a service, or anything else that could solve a problem. Or maybe it’s just something that can be used for fun!


If you submit your ideas the worst that can happen is you get told no. However, if your idea is a good one, then maybe one day you will see it sitting proudly on the supermarket shelves!


Now all you need to know is about companies that pay for invention ideas. I’ve got this covered here at 59 companies that pay for ideas. Check it out now to find out where to sell your ideas. Do it now and help change the world!




YouTube is a phenomenon that has allowed ordinary people to become stars. Not only can it make you famous, but a successful YouTube channel means earning money too!


There are lots of kid YouTubers making amazing content. Videos featuring toy unboxings, playing video games, and playing with toys are all hugely popular.


Your channel can be about whatever you like. As longs as it’s fun, engaging, and you can get people subscribing to watch more you should be able to earn some cash. Most YouTubers aren’t going to earn millions or go on to have their own Disney show like Ryan Kaji. However, you can earn a decent amount plus its lots of fun as well!

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Please note if you are under 13 you can’t have a YouTube account. A parent or guardian will need to manage an account for you. Make sure to check with them first!


Running Errands


A more traditional way for a kid to make money is by running errands. At home, you could offer to do more chores, gardening, or walking the dog. Ask the family if anyone needs a babysitter or pet sitter if they are going on vacation.


Older kids could ask neighbors for any jobs they may need doing around the home or garden. You could offer to help with other errands like going to the store or posting any mail.


There are lots of things you can do, just start asking and you could have a thriving errand business in no time!


Make sure to keep your parents or guardians always informed of where you will be.


Sell Your Stuff


A quick and easy way to make some cash is by selling your unwanted stuff. Toys, books, clothes, video games, and much more can all be resold provided it’s still in good condition.


As you get older it’s worth going through everything and getting rid of anything you’ve outgrown. This also means you can get some cash in your pocket!


Selling your stuff is easy thanks to sites like Decluttr. Decluttr makes it so easy to sell your old stuff. You get a valuation, ship it for free, and get paid! Easy!


Another way of selling your stuff is to have a yard sale. You could rope in the whole family to take part and then everyone can make some extra money. Let friends, family, and neighbors know or advertise the yard sale on local Facebook groups (with permission of course!).


What Should You Do With The Money


Now that you know how to earn money, what are you going to do with it? Before I give you some tips on what to do with all your money, don’t forget to use some of it to treat yourself!

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You could buy new clothes, a video game, go out with friends, or spend some of it on something fun. The trick is to spend money wisely whilst also saving and investing some. If you build good habits now, then when you’re an adult you will find it easier to manage your money!


Starting to save money as soon as you can is a fantastic habit to get into. Every week add up how much you’ve earned and put some of it into your savings. You could even decide to do a set percentage every week. One suggestion is to put 20% of whatever you earn into your savings.


Adulthood may feel a long way off right now, but once you get there any savings you have will make a difference in your life. Savings could be used for college, a down payment on a house, or to travel the world! Plus, once you’ve built the habit of saving it will be easier to do when you are a working adult and earning big money!


It’s also worth considering investing some of your money. Learning how investing works is a great education to get when you are a kid and don’t have much to lose.


Check out the family plans on Acorns to get a head start from as little as $5 a month. The plan will need to be opened by an adult, but you can be added to it to start learning the art of investing. Even investing just a few dollars a month is a great start and a fun way to learn more.


Next Steps To Make Money As A Kid


OK, now you know 5 ways to make money as a kid you just need to get started!


None of these methods listed will cost you anything other than your time but they will allow you to have some extra money which as a kid is great. You can spend, save, and invest your money. Remember to have some fun with it all and to discuss your plans with your parent or guardian.


Also, don’t let work interfere with school. School is important!





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