25 Most Popular Football Players In 2022

25 Most Popular Football Players In 2022


1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been playing football since a young age. In high school, he played both football and baseball. Tom Brady is known for leading his team in recording seven super bowl wins. Tom was given the Most Valuable Player title five times.


2. Russell Wilson

Russell has the most wins in NFL quarterback for over nine seasons. Russell is among the four quarterbacks whose football career rating is over 100 in NFL history. Russell participated in nine pro- Bowls games where he led his team to win Super Bowl XLVIII.


3. Rob Gronkowski

Rob is a football tight end and he is listed as one of the best blockers in the NFL. Rob is a free agent whereby he has no contracts with any team. He can join a new team of his free will whenever he wants. He has played the previous two seasons for Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


4. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick possesses rocket arms and is capable of completing sensational plays through the air. Within his first four years in NFL, he was established as a legendary player by Kansas City Chief’s quarterback. He is one of the two players in the NFL with 50 passing touchdowns in one season.


5. J.J. Watt

Watt recorded history for becoming the first Texan player to receive the NFL player of the award. Watt is listed as the highest debut on NFL top 100 players in 2012 where he took position five. He is the 17th lineman and eighth defensive end to get an award ever since 1971.


6. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron has won the MVP player award four times and won the super bowl XLV. He also completed one of the most difficult plays in the NFL. After becoming, the starter for Green Bay the Packers have won against NFC North eight times.

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7. Ben Roethlisberger

Ben is recorded as one of the best and most efficient passers in the history of the NFL. He was ranked as the fifth all-time passing yard, eighth in touchdowns, and fifth in completion before he retired. Ben led in average passing yards per game in NFL.


8. Marshawn Lynch

Lynch has the most notorious answers for press conferences. He won the NFL Super Bowl when playing with Seatle Seahawks. Lynch is ranked 29th in the hall of fame. He is also famous for his quotes and love for skittles.


9. Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell is a free agent who played college football at LSU where the New York Giants drafted him in the first round of the NFL draft in 2014. When he was a rookie, he made a famous one-hand touchdown.


10. Matthew Stafford

Matthew is a recorded leader in all things quarterback. His ratings at the Lions quarter are the highest any player has ever reached. Unlike many football stars. Matthew decided to stay off social media.


11. Larry Fitzgerald

Most of Larry’s fans consider him one of the greatest receivers in NFL history. He has been selected to participate in Super Bowl eleven times. In 2008, he was titled the best first-team All-Pro, and in 2009 he was the second-team all-pro two times.


12. Lamar Jackson

Jackson is widely named the best running quarterback in the NFL during rookie season. He is frequently compared to Michael Vick for his dual-threat playing style. When Jackson is at the center, Raven leads the league every year.

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13. Dak Presott

Dak is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He is famously known for what he does for his community. He has three major initiatives that deal with cancer research, mental health and suicide prevention, and bridging the gap for law enforcement.


14. Joe Flacco

At the end of the 2021 season in the NFL, Joe had the passing yards and touchdowns. This was record-breaking since no quarterback who has never been in Pro Bowl surpassed that. He possesses one of the strongest arms in the NFL.


15. A.J Green

In 2008, Green was listed as one of the best national football players prospects. He was the first rookie receiver in the pro bowl in eight years. For two years, he caught more passes than any other recorded player in three seasons.


16. Joe Burrow

Joe has nicknames such as Joe cool and Joe chill due to his calm personality before and after playing the game. His football career started as early as six years old. In 2020, the Cincinnati Bengak picked him as the best overall player.


17. Michael Oher

Michael was featured in the film â€Blind Side’ which made him more famous than before. He played in over eight NFL seasons but unfortunately, he never made it to the Pro Bowl.


18. Adrian Peterson

Adrian is considered one of the best running back players in the history of the sport. He is ranked number five by NFL in rushing touchdowns and rushing yards. He also holds NFL records for most yards in a single game.

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19. Cam Newton

Cam is known for leading in NFL quarterback rushing down and second quarterback rushing yards. As a junior, he won the BCS National Championship Game in 2011.


20. Von Miller

In 2022, Von has the most career sacks of an active player and most career sacks in the history of the Denver Broncos history. Miller has been selected in the Pro Bowl eight times and second-team all-pro honors four times.


21. Amari Cooper

In high school, Amari won the nation’s top receiver and in 2015, he was considered the top receiver in NFL. After several Pro-Bowl games, he successfully joined the super bowl where he was voted as the third pro-bowl player.


22. Derek Carr

Carr was the first Raider to be selected to the pro bowl since Rich Gannon in 2002. Within two seasons, he has 53 career touchdown passes. In 2016, he was ranked as the 100th top 100 players in NFL.


23. Adam Vinatieri

Adam has played over five super bowls and whereby in 2007, he won a super bowl. He is known for being the best clutch kicker in NFL. He is great at working under pressure.


24. Richard Sherman

Some time back, Richard was one of the best trash talkers. He is a three-time all-pro. Richard led a league in 2013in interceptions. He is famously known for playing cornerbacks.


25. Antonio Brown

Antonio broke the NFL history by becoming the first player to have more than 1,000 yards receiving and returning in one year. He was therefore selected as a punt returner in the 2012 pro bowl.



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