Can You Make Money On Teachable?

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If you are looking for a lucrative business idea that you can do from the comfort of your own home, creating an online course might sound right up your street. One useful tool to aid you with this type of venture is Teachable, but is this something that can truly bring in an income? In this article, we are going to be looking at the features you can expect to get from Teachable as well as exploring whether it is worth investing in.

What Is Teachable?

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Many people opt to create an online course to sell on their blog or as a side product of their main business, they might even create one as a standalone product. But without the proper technology, courses can look unattractive and be difficult to navigate. This is where Teachable comes in. The service allows you to produce stunning and easy to follow online courses covering whatever subject matter you desire.

Teachable current has over 28 million students using the courses created here so you will be able to reach a wide audience

What Features Does Teachable Offer?

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When you sign up to create a Teachable course, you aren’t simply being given a platform on which to develop your course, you will be presented with a whole world of features which will make the process incredibly simple.

  • You will be able to create a customised website with the super simple editor, but if web developing isn’t your forte, you’ll be pleased to know that Teachable offer a website straight ‘out of the box’ so you can get started right away!
  • Take advantage of the virtual classroom.
  • Secure and easy to use payment gateways make transactions effortless.
  • You will have access to a range of sales and marketing tools to make sure that your course reaches as many people as possible.
  • Create a variety of courses and put them into categories.
  • Create certificates for each of your courses.
  • Track the attendance of your students
  • Make use of learning paths.
  • There is an option to use live chat giving you the chance to connect in an instant with those who are interested in or taking your course.
  • Courses created on Teachable are optimised for both desktop and mobile views, giving you the confidence that you students will be able to access your material no matter where they are.
  • Turn your lectures from drab into fab with multimedia options including video, images, text, PDF and audio.
  • Link your course to an existing domain or create a new one especially for it.
  • The language of your course can be modified so that you can reach an audience on a global level.
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It isn’t difficult to see why Teachable is an excellent option for anyone looking to create an effective online course. With the massive range of features that you can take advantage of, you can bring your content to the world.

What Will It Cost Me?

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Teachable offer a good variety of subscription options and depending on how many courses you want to take and how deep into the process you want to go, will depend on which you choose. You have the choice of an annual plan or a monthly one, and the pricing is as follows:


  • Basic Plan – $29. With this plan you can create one course and have the bonus of features such as product support, instant payment and coupon codes.
  • Professional Plan – $99. This plan allows you access to everything from the basic plan as well as features like graded quizzes, integrated affiliate marketing and no transaction fees.
  • Business Plan – $249. For users who want to take their course to the next level, the business plan gives you all the features from the basic and professional plans as well as advanced theme customisation and group coaching calls.


The annual plans are the same as the monthly plans, however by paying annually you notice a significant reduction in price with the basic plan coming in at just $39, professional at $119 and the business plan at $299.

So Can I Make Money On Teachable?

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Teachable state on their homepage that, at present, over $600 million has been earned by instructors on the site, so it’s evident that money can be made. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is a certain amount of work that will need to go into your course if you want to make a profit. Let’s consider some of these points.

  • Ensure that you price your course fairly. It is worth researching similar courses to find out what the average rate is. This way you can compete.
  • People will not buy a course that doesn’t contain valuable knowledge, so be sure to fill your course with detail and facts. Good content will likely be recommended, creating more sales.
  • Marketing your course is the best way to make more from it, if people aren’t aware of the course, it won’t sell.
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Teachable is a great platform for creating online courses that catch the eye and stand to make you a decent income. The website offers a great range of features making the process simple even for those who have never developed a course in the past.

There are a variety of pricing options giving you the flexibility to choose a plan that fits you needs and budget. For anyone wanting to put their knowledge out there and earn a profit from it, Teachable is the way to go!




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