Top 10 SEO Scams To Avoid Getting Burned By SEO Agency

Top 10 SEO Scams To Avoid Getting Burned By SEO Agency

In today’s digital marketplace, Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is one of the best tools available to increase your business’s online presence. It can help your company rank higher in organic search results, which can lead to improved traffic to your website and higher revenue. In Singapore, SEO is transforming small businesses into trendy brands due to the prominence of online searching.

According to statistics, 73% of Singaporean users buy their products online and based their purchase on reviews, online customer service, price comparisons. Thus, hiring an SEO expert can truly boost your brand’s online awareness. However, you have to be careful not to fall in false SEO agencies, who want to scam you from your money. Let’s show what SEO scams you might get offered from a top SEO agency in Singapore.

Warranted Rankings

One of the most common hoaxes depicted by false SEO experts is that they can offer you top positions in search engine results. Some might even say that they can place you int the #1 spot. Although this might attract you into their trap, do not fall for it.

No one is able to guarantee top rankings because Google’s algorithm takes many aspects into consideration when displaying their final search results, such as meta description, keywords, etc. An agency may offer an SEO service that will improve your online position after an estimated time period, but it is never ensured.

Confidential SEO Planning

SEO professionals must inform you of what methods and techniques they are going to employ in their SEO marketing strategy. In addition, they evaluate the tools that can drive traffic to your business based on your target audience and aspiring goals.

If an SEO agency doesn’t disclose this information or expresses that the terminology is too technical for you to comprehend, it is likely that they are a fraud. Scammers usually do not have marketing experience and just pretend to be one.

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A Connection with Google

If some SEO experts tell you that they have a secret relationship with Google or have an insider in the algorithm, it is a guaranteed scam. No top agency in Singapore will ever depict connections with Google, whether it is true or false, because it can ruin their image. Additionally, investigations will be made to verify their content’s authenticity. However, false agencies will try to convince you with positive outcomes.

Other businesses can express that they have a Google partnership that improves their online rankings. While it may be true, it has no relations to SEO content. A Google partnership does exist, but for Google Ads. The business has to create a profile, achieve certification, and meet certain requirements. Later, they are appointed an account delegate, who is in charge of providing advertising strategies. In the end, this partnership has no connections with SEO. Businesses do not obtain ranking benefits or insights on the Google algorithm. It is just a hoax to attract customers.

Temporary SEO Services At No Cost

Well-respected SEO agencies have experienced professionals and teams that can provide you high-quality SEO content and are backed up by previous clients and evidence. They know that their services are your money’s worth and will deliver various quotes that can suit your budget.

If an agency offers a free trial so you can assess their products, it is probably a fraud. It is just a way to lure in first-time customers with poor services and then deceive them.

Questionable Low Prices

In Singapore, SEO services can cost you between 200 up to 5,000 dollars a month because there are many schemes and tools that can be utilized in a specific business. Because of this, most SEO experts present you with the best approaches and the prices that come with that specific strategy.

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On the other hand, a scammer will present you with low prices and trick you in paying beforehand. This way, they can make a dash for it if they are caught or their services are of low-quality.

Investing in Google Ads will help your Site’s Organic Ranking

Some SEO scammers might offer you alleged SEO content when it is actually paid advertisement. When you pay for Google Ads, you are increasing your rank in search engine page results through a marketing strategy called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This is based on pay-per-click rates that can position higher on search results but will not improve your organic ranking.

For example, an online user is searching for a specific term and your ad pops out. He may not click on it at first but grows familiar with your brand. As your ads continue to appear, it is more likely for people to click on them. The increased views can boost your search rankings but have no effect on organic results. Therefore, you are not receiving better rankings due to SEO. If some SEO companies offer services that include paid advertising, they are probably deceiving you with false results.

Top Ranks in Short Timespans

Adequate SEO content takes time and patience to gradually drive traffic to your brand and improve your online ranking because of the Google algorithm. Additionally, keywords and backlinks must be revised on a regular basis so they can follow online policies. When an SEO service places you rapidly in the search results, it might not be following online rules. In the end, Google can condemn your content and demote your brand in the rankings.

Email Spamming

Proper SEO agencies have their own marketing strategies to promote their business and attract clients to their company. These can include paid advertisements on social media and online campaigns. However, most tricksters try to lure you into their scam by sending you spam messages to your email. Even more, if you did not subscribe to receive any information, it is likely that they obtain your email from another source, which can increase the probability of phishing.

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Top Positions in All Search Engines

In Singapore, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most prominent search engines in the online market, but there are more than a thousand search engines accessible. Additionally, if the content associated with your business complies with their policies, they will file your products into their search results on their own. Thus, it is not necessary to submit your content to all search engines available. If an SEO agency tells you that your business will appear on all search engines available, they are deceiving you.

Recurring Payments to Maintain your Online Positions

A top agency in Singapore will offer proper SEO content, which can include high-quality meta descriptions, inbound links, mobile-friendly products, and adequate HTML codes. These are cataloged into the search engine results and are revised to determine your position over time. Some might even take weeks or months to fully place you in the top position. However, as said previously, you are the owner of this content.

If a SEO agency expresses that they will remove the content from the rankings if you no longer want their services, they are deceiving you. Even more, some agencies have policies where you must make recurring payments to maintain the products online. Thus, you should look for other businesses to acquire proper SEO services.

SEO is an excellent approach to establish an online presence in this new digital era. However, you must search for proper SEO services and avoid falling in the hands of scammers.



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