Top 10 SEO Affiliate Programs For 2021

Top 10 SEO Affiliate Programs For 2021

What are the top 10 affiliate programs? The SEO industry is worth billions with people spending to increase conversion, traffic, and sales for their websites. Many spend hundreds of dollars each month just to avail of search engine optimization services. The reason that more and more businesses are spending on SEO is that you get excellent returns.


There is always a huge demand for services and products related to SEO. Those looking for sources of passive income may already know how important affiliate marketing is. If you are looking for the best affiliate SEO programs to promote useful products for your audience and to make more money, this post is for you.


Entirely performance-based, the main advantage of having your own affiliate program is that you only get paid once the desired action takes place. You can get paid from a product that you can begin selling almost immediately.


Plus, you will be making a commission from these products right from the first sale. The best part is that many times, you get a lifetime commission from just one sale. Here are the top ten best SEO affiliate programs you can begin promoting in 2021.


The Top 10 Affiliate Programs In 2021


1-SEMrush Affiliate Program


SEMrush affiliate program is also known as BeRush and is the number one blogger-approved SEO affiliate program. Some people promote SEMrush and generate over two hundred dollars in commissions. What exactly is SEMrush? SEMrush is a widely-used toolkit for SEO used by over five million people around the globe. The reason that this is such a successful affiliate program is that you earn a recurring 40% commission on every successful sale.


The Reason You Need To Promote SEMrush


If you are someone who is looking for recurring affiliate SEO programs, SEMrush/BeRush may be the one for you. With SEMrush, you get over forty amazing tools ranging from fro competitor analysis to keyword research. Here are some great features of the SEO tool SEMrush:

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  • Monitor your results
  • Setup projects
  • Setup reports
  • Brand monitoring
  • Comparison of a domain to another domain
  • Backlink analysis
  • Organic research
  • Position tracking
  • Traffic analytics
  • Site audit
  • Keyword analytics


Aside from promoting a great product such as SEMrush, you will earn a recurring commission of 40%. The pricing plans of SEMrush begin at %99.95 per month so you get a good commission amount for every sale.


Here is the SEMrush commission rates breakdown for the price plans.


  • SEMrush Business Plan at $399.95 Monthly (which earns you a commission of $159.98 per month)
  • Guru Plan at $199.95 Monthly (which earns you a commission of $159.98 per month)
  • Pro Plan at $99.95 Monthly (which earns you a commission of $159.98 per month)


SEMrush/BeRush Affiliate Program PROS:


You will get payments on time with their system of twice payments happening on the tenth and twenty-five of each month. Payouts are done twice a month this way and so far, so good.


You get your payment commission through Paypal and the threshold for payment is %50. There is also an option for wire transfers with a minimum limit of $1000.


A lifetime recurring commission of 40%.


Ten years of cookie life


If someone clicks on your affiliate link first and then uses the affiliate link of someone else to buy any plan subscriptions from SEMrush, you will still get your commission. This is called the First Cookie Wins model and this is what they use.


SEMrush/BeRush Affiliate Program CONS:


The only con is that it can sometimes be a drawback to have the first cookie wins concept. This is especially true when you got someone to sign up using your link but you won’t get a commission if they clicked someone else’s link first, even if you did the convincing.


How To Become A SEMrush/BeRush Affiliate?

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It is completely free to join. The moment you are on the page for registration, all you need to do is to enter your email and password to begin your application and you are good to go.


BeRush pre-approves every application for affiliates. You can thus start promoting their products immediately.


2-SEOReseller SEO Service Affiliate Program


The digital marketing agency SEOReseller provides an array of SEO services where you can outsource your link building campaign, social media, web design, and SEO online. If you are looking for an affiliate program for SEO services, this may be the one for you.


Promote SEOReseller of you are looking for a platform where all your social media related projects and SEO can be outsourced. Here are some of SEOReseller’s features:


  • Resell Social Media
  • Resell Local SEO
  • White Label SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Resell Web Hosting
  • Resell PPC Services
  • Resell Web Design
  • SEO Software


SEOReseller Affiliate Program PROS:

  • Commissions are paid out every two weeks with Paypal payments
  • Once you earned the minimum threshold limit of $100, the payout will be made
  • 1% payout on all sub-affiliates
  • 6% payout for all successful sales
  • All affiliates get a cookie that lasts a lifetime
  • Client lifetime payouts
  • Instant account setup once approved to be an affiliate


SEOReseller Affiliate Program CONS:


  • Unless you plan to promote reseller programs for SEO to your audience, this may or may not be for you.


How to be a SEOReseller affiliate?


All you need is to get on their affiliate page and sign up to become an affiliate. You can also sign up using your account on Gmail as an alternative.


3-Authority Hacker SEO Affiliates Program


Launched in 2013, Authority Hacker gained in popularity fairly quickly. It is recognized widely as the number one reference for authority-site building online. The reason for this is because there are some amazing courses for training once you get on board with them. Authority Hacker provides templates that are “done for you” and get you real results. The training products include:

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  • The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint provides the most scalable and efficient link building system for white hat SEO.
  • Authority Hacker Pro provides a complete set of blueprints for growing your authority site.
  • Authority Site System provides a step-by-step system for beginning successful authority and affiliate sites.
  • If you plan to promote training courses for marketing online that works like a charm, this SEO affiliate program is the one to choose.


Authority Hacker SEO Affiliate Program PROS:


  • Earn up to $990 per sale promoting courses
  • Payments are made monthly once a month through Paypal
  • For every sale, you earn a lifetime commission
  • Use a first cookie policy and the length of the first cookie is sixty days


Authority Hacker SEO Affiliate Program CONS:


  • Unlike most affiliate programs for SEO, you can enroll and begin to promote their products immediately. It takes about seven days to get approved.


How to become an Authority Hacker SEO affiliate?


Fill up the signup form and get started. On your application, be as detailed as you can to increase your chance of getting approved as one of the affiliates.


4-Link-able Affiliate Program


When it comes to backlink-building, link-able provides a better platform. They manually review each link that gets built and every website. This platform helps site owners build backlinks that are of high quality to help freelancers earn more money from writing.


If you have a blog about link building, traffic growth, and SEO, this is the perfect affiliate program to use. It provides clients and authors with content and backlinks. Thus, if you are in search of a better platform to help your audience build relevant, quality links for their website, promote Link-able.


Link-able affiliate program PROS:





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