Tips for How to Start Instagram Marketing


Social media is one of the most famous services around the world because they count with tons of interesting features, being the most important one the capacity of communicating with other people without some major requirements. However, thanks to technological advancements, the great majority of these social media can be used for growing businesses with a brand new term called “Social media marketing” a good way to create an independent marketing campaign to catch the attention of possible customers.


One of those remarkable social media that had been growing at a fast pace it’s Instagram, in which you can post photos or videos about different topics that occur in your daily routine. More than 800 million people check Instagram per month! Making it a very reliable way to start an online marketing campaign based on the resources that this social media offers to the users. So, let’s see if Instagram marketing it’s good enough and what do you need to do to create a solid customer traffic thanks to this idea.

Tips for How to Start Instagram Marketing:

Instagram Marketing

Growing a business on Instagram isn’t easy at all, especially if you take into consideration the fact that there are millions of competitors around the web that can offer even the same services like you! So, to avoid losing customers and money, you need to follow some tips or recommendations that had been given by the hand of professionals in Social Media Marketing. By following them, the percentage of creating a successful campaign will be increased! So, pay attention.

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Cross-Platforms is a Must


Living in the digital age comes with different types of benefits when it comes to the use of different online services like the case of social media, in which you can post something in one of them, and later repost the same information in the other ones.

So, basically, if you want to do some Instagram marketing, then everything that you post in your business account, needs to be transferred and capitalized to other social media, remember that not every person in this world uses only Instagram, so, you should take advantage of this and move every piece of your content to places like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and also many others as well.

Finally, if you want to make your Instagram account the main source of marketing campaigns, then don’t forget to invite other people and possible customers to follow your Instagram, in this way, everything will be profitable for your business.

Use every available resource to your advantage


The main characteristic of social media is the fact that you can count on good and reliable traffic of users per month, however, if you don’t use the necessary resources then everything will be in vain! In Instagram’s case, you can’t forget about the usage of Stories to interact with customers and to promote your services in a more compact and minimalistic way by using some images or videos that can increase the chances of selling your ideas.

It’s important to consider that these stories only stay for 24 hours, then after that, you can forget about them, the good thing of this is that you can use this to your own benefit by using some analytics (only available with the business account) to see which story or campaign had the best impact on your users and if it worth to give it a shot in more than one occasion.

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The Quality and Quantity of your Posts are the most important things


Being consistent with your business is a good idea, however, you can’t overdo things or it can be annoying for your costumers, for example, in Instagram’s case, you shouldn’t post dozens of stories about the same thing or service, because people will be annoyed and sick of your account thanks to the spam of irrelevant information, which can end in a massive loss of users. To avoid this scenario, just try to post in two spots per day, and be careful with the number of things that you want to show, think always as a customer.

In the case of quality, we are living in the age of the upgrades, every year famous brands decide to take another major step by creating upgraded models of their best product, for example, in the case of smartphones, you will see new deals every year, so, there isn’t any excuse this time to get a good quality camera that can post good images or videos, if you post stories with crappy quality, then forget about the engagement factor, people only well look to the business who shows the best services and offers, so, you need to upgrade your looks and everything related to it. Good luck!



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