The Woodlands SEO Audit Service

The Woodlands SEO Audit Service

How healthy is your website in terms of SEO? A few months ago, you may have invested in an SEO campaign to try and rank better, attract more traffic, and drive sales. However, down the line, you can’t notice any positive improvement. You become frustrated and decide to invest in another campaign to see whether things will get better. You shouldn’t go that route; conduct an SEO audit first. No matter how much you invest in your campaign, your efforts will amount to zero if there are underlying factors hindering your site’s performance.


What is an SEO Audit?


In simple terms, an SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website to determine its strengths and weaknesses. There are lots of factors that determine where your site should rank for a particular search query. If these factors are not well-optimized, your site may not rank and receive traffic as much as you would expect. When you hire The Woodlands SEO audit service, the professional will conduct an in-depth under-the-microscope exam to determine which ranking factors are not working well and sections that require some adjustments.


What are some of the things an SEO audit expert checks?


  • Whether your site conforms to the current search engine algorithms – You may have conducted an SEO campaign just before a search engine like Google updated its algorithm. The update may have come with changes that aren’t in line with your site’s SEO, which can make you lose traffic.
  • Your site’s mobile-friendliness and loading speeds. If it isn’t mobile-friendly and/or takes a long time to load, search engines can rank you lower.
  • Broken links and redirects
  • An SEO audit checks how well you’ve used your keywords in your content. If you’ve not integrated them well, web users using those keywords in their search queries may have trouble finding your website.
  • It also evaluates your website’s user-friendliness and navigation. Even though a search engine doesn’t measure ease of navigation directly, you may lose potential customers because they can’t find what they’re looking for easily.
  • An SEO audit expert in The Woodlands also analyzes how well you’re faring compared to your competitors.
  • Other things he may check are backlinks, penalties Google may have imposed on you, duplicate content, poor quality content, etc.
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We can summarize SEO auditing into three main categories: on-page review which analyzes how each page is set up, on-site review which looks at the whole site instead of each page individually, and off-site analysis which checks other activities done outside the site such as backlinking, which may affect the ranking.


Why is SEO Audit Important?


We can compare a poorly performing website to a leaky roof that damages your ceiling. If you don’t investigate the cause of damage on your ceiling and repair the leaks, you’ll continue replacing it after every few months. It will be like throwing money out the window. The same case applies to a website; if you don’t investigate the factors pulling you down and rectify them, you will be wasting money on SEO campaigns that don’t lead anywhere. That’s why an SEO audit is vital – it examines your site’s weaknesses so that you can handle them.


When you hire The Woodlands SEO audit service, you’ll get a report once the work is done. The auditor will explain everything and its relevance to your website and marketing effectiveness. On that report, the auditor will also include a set of actionable changes and recommendations with examples that will put your website on the right track. Since the website analysis expert is also an SEO specialist, he can also recommend some newer trends and techniques to beat your competitors.


How often should you conduct an SEO audit? The frequency depends on your specific site. If it’s small and doesn’t experience many changes, once or twice a year is perfect. However, if your website has lots of links, activity, and receives regular updates in terms of content, an SEO audit every four months is a wise choice to make sure everything is running according to plan.

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Web Design The Woodlands – Why Hire Us for Your SEO Audit?


Here at Web Design The Woodlands, we’re passionate about helping online business owners grow – nothing gives us much joy and satisfaction like seeing our clients soar above their competition and rank higher on search engines. When you hire The Woodlands SEO audit service from us, we’ll conduct an in-depth evaluation both manually and using our advanced review tools. Our experts are always thorough to leave no stone unturned.


After the analysis, we’ll offer you a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommendations. We can even agree and implement these recommendations for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!




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