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Being an entrepreneur its important to know the importance of marketing: without having proper strategies for marketing, the business I ultimately bound to fail because of lack of new customers.


Therefore, if you’re not already putting all the effort and time in this, you can begin now and maximize your sales through a reliable sales funnel.


Meaning of sales funnel


By sales or marketing funnel we mean breaking down of the entire journey of the customer from the awareness stage to the stage of purchase (when they’re ready to purchase the service or product). Most often the funnels also include the post-purchase follow ups increasing retention along with up-sells and cross sells.


The very first step would of course, be getting the traffic to website. This can be done after creation of SEO friendly content and having backlinks.,


Here are few simple steps to create funnel for your sales online.


Maintain a good landing page


The landing page of website is first impression that prospective customers instantly have for business. Thus, you can take all time for making sure that this appears great. With good landing page the visitors get encouraged for signing up for list or for subscribing to website. With this you get vital contact info, becoming the first communication line.


Presenting front end offer


The next critical step would be to present prospective customers with opportunity for purchasing product and procuring the service. Upon constructing main front-end products with associated upselling offers, you must engineer these with additional mindset with… how it helps in creating desire for next (backend) offer that you present them with, “explains Todd Brown of

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With other words, at the particular step you must “pre-sell” on the funnel’s next step.


Have upselling offer on back end


You can offer customers who bought from you or are soon purchasing a service or product, or upgrading any of your services.


For example, you can design an offer delivering more benefits to customers upon upgrading. This particular strategy is known as upselling.


This can be considered as steak dinner to the appetizer of your regular offer.


Offering Downsize option


In a similar manner of encouraging customers to get upgrades in upselling, the downsizing calls for offering downgrade option to some customers.


This shouldn’t be considered as a sale loss. Rather, you can consider this as way of keeping customer unable to buy because of the budget constraints. It must be kept in mind that the constraints would change. You need to be considerate while offering cheap options for keeping them as prospective customers.


Keep the flow going


This is last step in sales funnel as you have to keep the momentum alive. Following up with customers get you acquired while ensuring that they’re happy with service and product. A fine way of accomplishing this would be to get reward programs that are membership based.


With this you’re in contact with customers providing you with means for telling them about newest deals along with services.


As an ideal platform for sales funnel, the Builderall offers a lot of unique features and is an all-in-one system for maximizing online sales. You can easily create landing pages with Buiderall that are neat and can be easily used. Other features you get are split testing, third party integration, tools for email marketing and much more.

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Thus, Builderall would be a great choice for funnel builder letting you promote and sell a lot of products and services on the internet while making money through affiliate programs as well.




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