The Best Ways to improve Domain Authority

The Best Ways to improve Domain Authority

When it comes to SEO, Domain Authority (DA) is one of the most crucial elements. This element was introduced by Moz, and it measures a website’s authority on a scale of 0-100. 100 is the best score while 0 is the worst. The more your website’s score, the higher your chances of ranking higher on search engines and getting more traffic. Do you want to know how you can improve your site’s DA? Here are several techniques you can focus on.


First Things First, Handle All The Aspects of Your Site’s SEO


You may be implementing other techniques to increase your domain authority, but if you’ve not handled the basic SEO aspects, you may be doing zero work. Optimizing your website is the first key factor that’ll determine your DA. By handling basic SEO aspects, I mean making your website mobile-friendly, increasing its loading speeds, ensuring its navigable, optimizing meta tags, header tags, keywords, etc. If you handle all these, then your site will be ready for other methods to increase domain authority.


Buy High-Quality DA Backlinks


This is another vital area to boost domain authority, and sadly, it’s also an area where many site owners fail. They invest in low-quality backlinks because they’re cheap. A backlink is not just any backlink, it should be high-quality to show your site as an authoritative one. If you generate links from a low-quality website, Google will think that you’re also low quality and rank you lower. Buying high-quality DA backlinks may not be easy, but it will be worth it because of the great results you’ll get.

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Create Linkable Content on Your Site


When creating content for your website, don’t create just any content; ensure its link-worthy. What does link-worthy mean? It means that other website owners can link to it without the fear of destroying their reputation. Be creative in your approach and produce error-free, original, and up to date content. It should also be of good length and gives comprehensive information about the topic. When bloggers and other site owners see the quality and relevance in your content, they’ll link to it and help boost your rankings.


You can also look into guest posting. Create exceptional content and post on highly authoritative sites. If the site you’re posting on has a higher domain authority, the stronger your backlink will be and the more positive effect it’ll have on your website.


Eliminate Toxic Backlinks


You may be getting lots of backlinks from highly authoritative websites, but if you’re also getting spammy links in equal measure, your efforts are amounting to zero. If the toxic links are too much, you may even have your website penalized, and I’m sure you may not want that. How can you get hold of these bad links and eliminate them? Run a link audit! Google Search Console is one tool you can use to get backlink data and see all the links directing to your website. Go through this data and identify any links that look unnatural and spammy.


These are some of the best ways to increase domain authority. Since DA is a crucial metric that shows how your site compares to others, you shouldn’t ignore it. You should focus on improving it so that your website ranks better compared to your competitors.

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