The 10 Health Benefits Of Dogs


There’s no doubt that having dogs make life much more beautiful and extraordinary to live in. Dogs make the perfect companion, and are there to act as our best friend and protector in times of trouble. However, this isn’t all that dogs can provide in our lives. Dogs are also beneficial to our overall health and help us live a fit and healthy life. With this being said, the following are the 10 health benefits of dogs in our lives:

They’re good for your heart


Studies show that having dogs by your side reduces blood pressure and cholesterol which are both factors that contribute to having a good cardiovascular health and fewer tendencies for heart attacks. Dogs don’t just make your heart happy, but they literally improve the condition of your heart. Furthermore, if you do have a heart attack, the chances of surviving it are high- as said by some studies.

They help you lose weight


Whenever you take your dog out for a walk in the morning, this is counted as a cardio exercise- for both you and your dog. Cardio exercises are both good for the health, and helps you lose weight. Studies have proven that dog owners who take their dogs our for a walk at least five times in a week lost about 14.4 pounds in a year. This isn’t limited just to the exercise, but to the dog itself. After all, your dog needs you in specific to walk them.

They keep you fit


Asides from losing weight and being beneficial to your heart, dogs also keep you fit and active. Dog owners are said to be more inclined towards living a fit and healthy life, meaning that they aren’t prone to sickness and illnesses, have a lower body mass and have a healthy exercise routine.

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They benefit your social life


If you’re a dog owner, this is a natural way to attract people and have a social life. It can be hard to socialize and meet new people as you grow older, and dogs provide a better social life for you. Studies show that 40 percent of dog owners make more friends. This is because of the fact that when you take your dog for a walk in the park, or to the vet, you’re bound to come across other dog owners and interact with them. For some, that interaction can lead to new friendships. Dog owners are also prone to become more extroverted than non-dog owners.

They reduce stress


Dogs are known to be empathetic, especially when their human owners are stressed. When you have dogs by yours side, you can easily cope with that stress. Dogs aren’t just your best friend, but they make the best therapy for days when you feel sad, stressed or frustrated. By simply playing with your pet, levels of anxiety and depression are proven to lower. So, the next time you’re stressed with work, take a break and play around with your favorite dog companion.

They help give meaning to our lives


As you get older, things can seem boring and mundane and it can be challenging to find purpose and meaning in our lives. By having dogs around you, it helps put things into perspective and find meaning in your life. They help you feel less alone in your routine-based life of going to work and going home. If you’re a dog owner, you look forward to going home to spend time with your dog and take care of them,

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They fight off depression


As mentioned above, dogs are proven to fight off depression and anxiety. When you’re fighting with depression and you feel as if something’s lacking in your life, your dog can be your source of happiness. Dogs can feel your depression and most likely, they’ll be more affectionate and loving around you. They can sense that you need them more than ever and when you have a dog around, it makes as the instant happy pill, to temporarily make you forget about your battle with depression. Studies have also shown that dog owners are less prone to depression than people who don’t own dogs or other pets.

They prevent allergies


The common misconception is that owning pets such as dogs and cats make kids become allergic, when the opposite is more accurate. By owning dogs, the less they’re prone to having allergies to pets. Furthermore, having dogs around you helps you in developing a stronger immune system. This is why having dogs reduces your chances of having allergies, flu, and other diseases. Dogs aren’t just good for your overall mental health, but dogs are good for your health.

Reduce doctor visits


As mentioned above, dogs are proven to reduce your doctor visits. Since you’re constantly walking your dog regularly, this gives you a fit and active lifestyle, which is necessary if you want less visits to the doctor. Having a fit lifestyle makes you prone to have less sicknesses, which means that you don’t have to constantly go to checkups. Furthermore, if you’re an elderly and you have a dog around you, this also guarantees less doctor’s appointments. Having a pet companion is good for your overall health, after all.

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Fight off disease and injury


Whether it’s mental disease or something physical, dogs can sense this right away and help you fight off these diseases and injuries. If it’s mental, dogs are generally good for your mental state and help you maintain a positive perspective on things, no matter how hard things get. Whether it’s depression, anxiety or something else, your dog can help you fight off that. If it’s something physical on the other hand, dogs can sense an illness, even before you have it checked up. Certain dogs have been trained to sense cancer, kidney diseases and other more serious illnesses. If you suffered a traumatic brain injury, your dog could also help with the pain and frustration in healing from something as this.



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