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Common Nicknames for Boyfriends

In Spain, women have many ways of calling their partners affectionately. Sometimes nicknames can sound a bit corny, but they show affection to the other person, sometimes the chemistry in the couple is also based on these nicknames.

They are usually used in the private sphere of the relationship but can sometimes be heard in public as well.


Kid, little one, little child, little boy

A lovely way to tell your boy that he is cute and cuddly like a little boy. It comes from the abbreviation of the word Pequeño (small, little)


Big guy

Used to name men who are big and have a playful and tender heart, like a little boy. It’s a informal variation of the word Grande (big)



This nickname has nothing to do with the figure of the boyfriend, it is an affectionate way of abbreviating the word Gordo (Fat), which is a common way mothers call their babies.



Amore is the Italian word for the Spanish word Amor, Love, and is commonly used with that twist for a romantic touch.

It is a traditional nickname, and for this reason it is common to hear it in public, it gives a lot of tenderness, and shows the love they have as a couple.



Girls call all handsome boys Bombón, and particularly if they find their boy attractive and sweet, this is the most common name. Bombón is small piece of sweet made from chocolate.



Every girl’s dream of finding her prince charming. Commonly used if the groom is handsome, has good manners, is attentive and affectionate and a good match. This nickname speaks above all of your boy’s personality, giving him that royal rank, and also because he treats you like a princess.

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Dear, darling

Cari comes from the word Cariño, (Darling), and is normally used to name your beloved person. It is very romantic, and although it is very common, it is still special and charming when used to call your partner. It is one of the nicknames that are heard the most in public.


Young boy

An affectionate way of calling the little ones in the house, and on a loving level, is like telling your boyfriend that he is your little one, the one who receives all the attention and affection. It the shortened form of Chiquito.



As the word says, this nickname is used to call the loved one with the symbol of love. It can be used by adding the word “Mi” (My) to say Mi Corazón (My Heart)

Giving your boy this nickname is telling him that he is everything to you, the engine of your life.

Mi solete

My sun, sunlight

Solete is a slang word for Sol (Sun). If the sun is one of the things that gives us the most joy, warmth, and happiness, this is an affectionate way of telling your partner that he is the light of your life, who warms your heart.




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