Korean Culture Influence in the United States

Koreans moved to the United States for various reasons, but commonly known factors are due to religious persecution or economical burdens of living in Korea. Over time, these immigrant populations have significantly changed their cultural presence in America.

Here Are Some Ways Korean Culture Is Becoming More Influential In America:

1) Korean Food

Korean food is popular in the United States because of its variety and healthy attributes. Healthy sushi rolls, barbequed meats, or kimchi fried rice can be found at varying levels in predominantly-American cities like New York City.

food photography of varieties of sushies
Sushi Roll

Kimchi fried rice

The popularity of Korean food has recently been growing in areas where there are higher concentrations of Koreans, including Los Angeles and New York City. Americans are becoming more accustomed to the korean food, with Food Network commending Korean cuisine for its emphasis on vegetables and smaller meat portions.

2) Media/Entertainment

The variety of television shows that are widely available through streaming services like Netflix have made it easier for viewers in America to access different types of media from all over the world. Dramas, or Korean television shows, are available through these services. Although the language is not understandable to most American audiences, subtitles make it easier for them to follow along with Korean plot lines.

3) Plastic Surgery

Often referred to as “Korean plastic surgery,” many Americans are fascinated by this unique type of cosmetic surgery that became popular in the United States. Typically advertised in beauty magazines, plastic surgery clinics promote their different procedures by highlighting natural features that can be altered through a surgical process.

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4) Korean Language

Korean language is not commonly taught in American universities, but has been identified as a useful “exotic” language to learn by many prominent institutions in the United States. Universities in Boston, California, and in the New York City area have included Korean language courses in their foreign language departments.

5) Korean Fashion

The korean fashion industry is a complicated one for Koreans to break into because of its emphasis on Western aesthetics. Most successful Korean models are those who take part in Asia Fashion Week, which takes place in Tokyo and Shanghai. However, Korean style has had a notable impact on fashion stateside. Brands like Alexander Wang have included Korean flair in product lines.

6) Customer Service

Korean customer service is often praised for its attentiveness, friendliness, and clarity by many American consumers. This attention to detail is valued in many businesses, even if employees do not know Korean language fluently. Because of this global acknowledgement of a “great customer service,” a survey by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency shows that American companies are choosing to do business with Korean firms in order to improve their own customer service standards.

Korean culture has had a significant impact on American society in various ways, from food and entertainment to plastic surgery. It’s no wonder that Korean influence is becoming more prevalent as the immigrant population continues to grow. The next generation will be a true melting pot in the United States due to this influence.



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