How to Write the Copy for the Back of a Book Cover


So, you want to write a copy for the back of your book cover. You have chosen the cover design, title, and theme, and now your book looks like a finished product. But it will not be complete and will not grab the attention of your target without an impressive back page. Many authors do not give the desired attention to the back of the book cover, but it can contribute to your success.


You might need to write a hundred or two hundred words on the back, but these words will play a determining role in marketing. It will tell readers about the content in your book and create a first impression. It will work as a teaser, and you will have to ensure that it can hook the attention of your potential targets. You will have to choose every word carefully.


Do you want to know how to make the back of your book cover appealing? Are you looking for some tips to go ahead? If yes, you are in the right place. You can keep reading and find the best ways to write the back of a book cover. We will share the tips of experts to make it easy for you.


Know What Is Inside


You know what is inside your book, and the title gives a rough idea about the content and theme. But you will have more opportunities to introduce your book, and the back of your book cover can serve your interest in the best way. Take a pause and revisit the topic, theme, and purpose. You are the author, and no one can understand your book better. Also, you will have to understand the intentions of your buyers. Know your target and find the best words to connect them with your book. If you can make the connection, you do not need to spend more on marketing.

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Write Less & Achieve More


You do not need to write many things about the book’s content and theme on the pack of your book cover. If you do so, your readers might lose interest. Hence, you will have to give a teaser to develop their curiosity. If you write the entire plot, they will know everything, and they might not prefer spending time reading the book. Therefore, you will have to act smart and develop their curiosity. You will have to inspire them to buy and read your book. In brief, the back should hook the attention, and readers should feel motivated to read your book.


Choose Words Carefully


As mentioned earlier, you will have to write less and achieve more, but how it is possible. You can make it possible by using proper words. You will have to ensure that every word will have some impact on readers and it can connect them with the story. Hence, you will have to spend enough time writing the back of your book cover even if you need to write less. You can write 200 words within a few minutes, but it will not be impactful, and you cannot get the desired result.

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Focus on Quality Writing


The back of a book cover will give an idea about the content, and also, and it will introduce your writing style to the reader. If you are new to this industry, get the most benefits of this opportunity and leave a lasting impression with your writing style. If you combine quality writing with a relevant topic, you can catch the attention. You can also gather appreciation from your industry and create a path for your success.

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Use Keywords


You can use keywords while writing the copy for the back of a book cover, and it is a must while writing for specific industries or businesses. For example, if your book is about yoga or similar topics, you can have a mention on the back, but it should be a brief mention with a few words.


You can consider the above tips while writing the copy for the back of your book cover. You can share the content in a brief but impactful way and inspire your readers to end up reading the entire book. The quality of your writing will also play a role. If you want more help, you can consider the following expert tips given by Kristin.


Tips by Kristin, the Director of Author Services


  • Grab Attention: You can start with one or two sentences to make it catchy. However, you can share more information about the book in the middle, but make sure that the end will inspire your readers to continue with more, and they will have to buy the book to satisfy their curious minds.
  • Use the Same Style: The back of a book cover needs to reflect the tone and style of writing. For example, if you are writing an adventure book, you will have to maintain the same composition while writing the copy for the back of the book cover. You can avoid a different writing style since it will create confusion, and a confused reader might not go ahead with a buying decision.
  • Introduce Yourself: Even if you have done some work, you will have to introduce yourself. Write your name and the title of the book and use simple and relevant language to impress all types of readers. Moreover, you will have to choose the most appropriate words and avoid writing anything confusing. Make sure that there is no room for your readers to guess.
  • Know the Length: You will have to know how many words will be appropriate before writing. While writing an adult book, the length of the copy for the back of the book cover needs to be between 175 and 225, and if it is a children’s book, you can avoid writing more than 100 words.
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While writing a copy for the back of a book cover, you will have to leave your potential readers wanting more. It is a proven marketing strategy that can contribute to the desired exposure. If your readers want more, they might end up buying.




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