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Bobcats are from a family of cats that live in the wild. Just like any wild animal that has unique adaptation features, bobcats are predators that have features that enable them to survive and hunt in the wild. Some of the good features they have are in their hearing senses, eyesight and body camouflage. They use their ears to sense and hear any movement of underground animals such as mice which is its food. They camouflage with the environment they are born in. Their body color resembles their environment hence it is not easy to spot them.

It’s always fascinating to go bobcat hunting at night because these cats are not so swift in movement but are unique. They can sense you from miles away which makes hunting them pretty much hard and thrilling at the same time. How about hunting Wild cats using a bow and arrow? Here are some of the things that one needs to know before carrying out such a hunt:-

1.Bobcats are nocturnal

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They mainly roam freely at night. This can make it easy for one to get a catch as opposed to a day time hunt.

2.Using a decoy

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Mainly decoys are used to mimic an animal. In this case, a decoy of a rat can be used to trick a bobcat into catching it. As a hunter one can position themselves far away from the decoy in order not to scare away the cat. Also since bobcats have a unique sense of getting information through the ears, you can use a sound that mimics an animal this can attract their attention hence making them go where you want to strike them.

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3.Stealth movement

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Bobcats are stealth in their movement which can make a hunter pass them without knowing. This characteristic of them is unique, unlike many predators that are swift in movement. They are cautious, secretive and highly calculative in their movement. This trait can make them easy to be hunted at night using a bow and an arrow while they are destructed a hunter can aim at them and make a good strike.

4.Patience in hunting bobcats

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Hunting is not a walk in a park. Just like hunting any wild animal, it can take a lot of time hunting a bobcat hence patience is key for a satisfying good catch. They do take time due to their cautious nature but eventually after waiting you can spot them.


Bobcat hunting can be an exciting hunting experience especially when you make a good strike and catch. One can hunt and catch more than one bobcat at one night only if you are strategic and patient. Also, some areas require local authority’s permission before carrying out hunting in the wild be it in the night or during the day. Also one needs to check if it is legal to hunt them. While hunting bobcats can be a sports activity, bobcats can be hunted to control their population in a particular area.



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