How To Survive in the wild

Let us discuss about how are we able to survive out there in the wild without using anything.


Actually, a huge part of your training for survival is simply to have the certain experience of being uncomfortable incredibly in hungry, cold, and even exhaustion.

how to survive in the wild with nothing

So what is the reason why should you be subjecting yourself to all that?


Due to the fact that it will make you stronger. It can show you that you are capable of a lot more than you realize currently. It will even bring you closer to nature.


In addition, if you are able to master the skills in survival then you will already have the very most important requirement for moving onto a lot more long-term wilderness experiments for living.

1. Staying Warm & Survival Shelters


The most popular likely cause of death when in the wilderness for survival is not actually starvation or even lack of water. It’s hypothermia the lacking of water which can be a cause of death.


This might be a very popular danger if you are wet. There are actually some situations where the one main thing that can contribute in saving you is a fire for 5 minutes.


How To Survive In The Wild Without Nothing


Are you able to get a fire going from scratch in only 5 minutes?


Not the majority of the people could. However, this is probably a less likely scenario. It is much more likely that you have not fallen into a lake that is quite icy. However, you have just needed to survive one night with cold rain in the weather forecast.

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Your need first in a typical type of survival situation is shelter.


Do not underestimate the importance for a shelter. Even during summer-time conditions, the temperatures can usually drop low especially at night. You can also add in a bit of heavy rain and you have the result of hypothermia.


The very best thing you can do is to look for a natural shelter. This can be a tree that is downed with the dry ground underneath. Or usually up against an outcropping that is rocky.


You can upgrade a natural shelter by simply using leaning branches against the structure of and piling on debris.


The very most important thing about a certain shelter is staying dry in it. If you are able to stay dry then you are very much doing well.


The second most important item about a certain shelter is insulation. If you are able to keep your body insulated well enough against the cold ground, not to mention the wind & open-air, then definitely you are doing really well.


2. Finding Water To Survive


A good shelter will be able to keep you from extreme freezing to death type of situation on a cold night.


However, if you prefer to last more than just a few days, then you would need to start planning about how to find water.


The Symptoms of dehydration can begin within just a few hours of your latest drink and with the inclusion of low energy, dizziness, headache, muscle cramps, and the next to come is loss of consciousness.

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The majority of the rainwater is safe for drinking. You can also collect it in a jacket that is waterproof, or drink it directly off non-toxic leaves.


The rain is basically one of the untreated water sources only. It would feel quite comfortable drinking (Unless you are in an extremely polluted area).


If you are in a season or climate that is lacking of rainwater, then you will need to take a different type of approach. It is always good to have a plan for backup in case that the skies might dry up for a couple of days.

The other type of reliable option is boiling water. You are able to collect it from any kind of source that is chemical-free. The clearer the better.


Just make sure to bring any drinking water intended to a rolling boil. a few sources would even say that you should keep it on boiling for as much as 15 – 30 minutes. Better to be safe than sorry.

Survival guides  pocket survival guides

Most of the time we don’t realize how helpless and technology-dependent we are until the most basic wilderness survival skills are put to the test in one way or another. The human capacity to survive in the wild is diminishing in direct proportion to the increase in the level of technology of the planet. Pay attention because I am going to talk about wilderness survival!


The mental attitude often makes the difference between life and death. Panic prevents the formation of a survival plan and its implementation. There is a rule of three, which implemented with a positive attitude, gives good results.

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The prioritization rule or the plan of the three is:

  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without shelter (especially in case of humidity and cold)
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food


Shelter is essential for preventing hypothermia. An improvised shelter does not require special skills but only a positive attitude. A cave can be a good shelter. To build a shelter we must take into account:

  • Location (away from dangerous places, close to a source of materials)
  • Insulation (against water, wind)
  • Heat source (fire or only body heat)
  • Size (for one person or a group)


Water is an important element in the wilderness survival plan. It is advisable to always have some water purification pills at hand or to boil drinking water. Most water sources are unsafe and may contain dangerous pathogens. Dew, rainwater, water from high mountain rivers or snowmelt can be consumed without problems. Statutory water is dangerous.


Dry and high-calorie foods should not be missing from the backpack of any hiker. Basic knowledge in the field of edible plants can be very helpful. Only eat plants that you are sure do not contain toxic elements. Remember that you can survive without food for three weeks so choose safe roots, leaves, flowers and fruits, hunt small animals or fish if you have what you need.



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