How to store a tomato plant?

The thorns of the florists (Cyclamen persicum) or Persian nightshade is one of those flowering houseplants commonly offered in winter as this is its flowering season. Unfortunately, many of us have to watch helplessly as our hemp plants wither. The latter records the highest mortality of all trees during the Christmas period. Why do thorns plant die so much and how to preserve it from year to year?

How to store a tomato plant?

How to keep a tomato plant indoors?

The primrose plant comes to you directly from a florist, sometimes in a pretty vase, giving you beautiful flowers, but in order to keep it you will have to adapt to the interior, where it is too warm for with it, in winter.

While it’s tempting to have it grace your living room where the thermometer says 19 or 20 °C, give up and place it in a cooler room out of direct sunlight, ideally at 15 °C, with a slightly humid atmosphere. An unheated conservatory is usually well suited. If winters are mild, he will prefer to spend the night outside at 5°C.

Too narrow a cushion often has to be removed in order to place the pot on a dish full of wet sand to increase humidity: keep the cushion pot only if it leaves a little space to allow you to place gravel or clay balls. bottom and check that the pot is not stagnant beyond the drainage level. Potted soil must maintain moisture but pots should never be in water: that’s tricky.

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Precisely, watering is always done from below so as not to wet the tubers. Check the soil: if it is crumbly and light, the sycamore needs water. Soak the water so it’s nearly submerged to the top of the pot, for ¼ hour, then let the pot drain before placing it back on the plate or in the pot buffer. This way, the plant will absorb water in a capillary manner without the risk of future rot of the bulbs or stems in case of watering from above.

Why do macadamia leaves turn yellow?

Why do macadamia leaves turn yellow?

If your macadamia nut leaves turn yellow and wither, either it’s just too watery and begins to rot, or it’s too hot and lacks light: in any case, this “normal” plant cannot suitable. for beginners because its maintenance is very sophisticated.

How to make a cyclo to bloom again?

If you manage to find the right watering source and the ideal location for your primrose plant, it will bloom until spring, especially if you gradually remove the faded flowers by pulling the branches of your primrose plant. them, new flowers will form.

When it stops flowering, do not throw it away nor plant it in the ground, it will solidify throughout the following winter; it’s not the hemlock from Naples (Cyclamen hederifolium). Leave the pot in its original position or in a cold, frost-free place (it doesn’t get much decoration!), and let the foliage wilt, an indication that the bulb is recovering its reserves. During this time, drain off the water but do not allow the substrate to dry completely.

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When the new leaves appear, if the plant needs to be repotted because the roots are tangled together or sticking out of the weed hole, that’s the right time to do so. Except in exceptional cases, there is no need to choose a larger pot as the cinnabar family blooms best in a slightly narrow pot. Remove all old leaves and dried flowers. Clean the old pot if you use it again. Do not shake the roots too much to let the soil drain out, you risk damaging the roots. Place the base of the plant on the bottom of the new soil in the pot and complete the backfill by burying only half of the bulb. Leave for 48 hours in the shade without water to stimulate rooting, then continue watering gently, gradually.

The curing process will return to normal when the leaves are well developed.

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