How To Stop Being Jealous


Nobody wants to spend time with a jealous girlfriend and so if you often find yourself turning into the green eyed monster then it might be time to start tackling those feelings of jealousy.

Just because your boyfriend or husband has female friends, follows his favourite female actress on social media or spends time with a female colleague, it doesn’t mean that he is secretly hooking up with her. Far too many women spend time worrying about these kinds of things to the point where it breaks down a relationship completely.

In this post, we want to show you some ways to combat your jealousy and feel better within yourself.


5 Great Ways To Stop Being Jealous


1 Be Honest And Open

Quite often, jealous women suffer in silence and then allow themselves to explode at the smallest thing like her partner receiving a birthday card from a female friend, for example. Sounds crazy, right? That’s because it is!

By being honest and open with your partner about your feelings of jealousy, you will give him the opportunity to put your mind at rest. He can reassure you that there is nothing to be jealous about and this will make your relationship stronger.

2 Build Self Confidence

For the most part, women who suffer from jealousy feel that way because of a lack of self confidence. If you feel better about yourself, you will have less reason to feel jealous or think that you aren’t good enough.

Try to spend some time each day affirming to yourself that you are beautiful, you are funny, you are intelligent and this will gradually allow you to realise that you don’t need to be jealous because your partner is lucky to have you!

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3 Look To The Past

We are often told not to dwell on the past, but in the case of solving your issues with jealousy, it can be a good thing. Consider why you feel jealous in your relationship, were you cheated on by a past partner? Did an ex tell you that another woman was better than you in some way? Was your mother jealous?

Asking yourself these questions can uncover where these illogical feelings might be arising from, giving you a better chance to get on top of them. Understanding is key!

Being Jealous

4 Allow Your Partner Some Freedom

One of the most common things that jealous women do is to try and control their partner as a way of controlling their own jealousy – let us tell you, this won’t end well! Doing this will drive your partner away and in extreme cases may make your worst fears become a reality.

It is so important in any relationship to spend time apart as well as spending time together – you wouldn’t spend every waking moment with your mother, would you? So why would you do it with your partner?

Not only will giving him some freedom make your relationship stronger but it will also let you see that even when he isn’t under your watch, nothing bad is going to happen, unless he is a complete pig, in which case he isn’t worth your time anyway.

5 Journal

Keeping a journal can benefit you in two ways when it comes to feeling jealous. First of all it gives you an outlet for your feelings, and reading back over them might allow you to see how ridiculous some of your thoughts sound.

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But on top of this, you can use your journal to monitor your feelings, are there certain events that trigger the jealousy? Are there particular people who make you feel jealous?

By assessing your feelings, you will be able to get a handle on them much more easily.



Whilst its pretty normal for everyone to feel a pang of jealousy from time to time, feeling this way constantly is not OK. These feelings will not benefit your, your significant other or your relationship, so why would you want to hold on to them?

Tackling jealousy might seem like a difficult task and it might well be but one thing is for sure – you can do it! You are enough and it’s simply a matter of growing your confidence and understanding your feelings. By doing this, you will be able to tackle your jealousy and rebuild your relationship – everyone’s a winner!



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