How To Get Direct SEO Clients Without Freelance

How To Get Direct SEO Clients Without Freelance

How To Get Direct SEO Clients Without Freelance


You have made up your mind to start an SEO agency but you still need to figure out the problem of getting SEO clients.

You have read many write-ups that have extolled the virtues of freelancing. Many of them make it seem as if professionals that are not into freelancing have no ambition.

But you have examined the life of freelancers and you do not find it attractive. You do not like the idea of competing with other freelancers in a race to the bottom on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed, Toptal, and the others.

If as a professional, what you value are personal relationships that are built on trust with clients that will stick around for the long haul, then freelancing may not be the right path for you.

But the question still remains, where will you find SEO clients for your services? In this article, we will examine some of the ways you can get clients to come to you.

Identify your niche:

When you focus on a specific niche, you will build credibility in that niche and potential clients will know that you are the best person for SEO jobs in that field.

SEO clients tend to prefer an expert that has the most expertise in a relevant field. For example, a law firm that is looking for an SEO expert to help boost the search engine performance of their website is more likely to be willing to work with someone who can show a portfolio of work that has been successfully completed for other law firms. Especially when there are easily identifiable real-world results.

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So the first step towards getting direct SEO clients is to define a niche, build your portfolio, and populate your personal website with examples of your work.


This is a great way to build your brand and get clients interested in your services. You can enrich your blog content with the keywords you know your customers are using and try your best to get your blog to the first page on google for local SERP.

When you create good content that offers actionable information that SEO clients need, and you optimize your blog to get it onto the first page of google, clients will find you.

You must also make sure you always add a Call-To-Action somewhere in each of your blog posts to inform anyone interested in obtaining your services on how to contact you.

Join social media forums

When you are active in online forums, and you establish yourself as an SEO expert, clients will see you as an authority in SEO and will want to work with you.

You can join Facebook groups, Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and others. Good recognition on these platforms will draw the attention of SEO clients to your services. It is also very important that you never forget to add backlinks to your website to any content you add to these platforms.

Speak at SEO events

The key to getting customers to look for you is brand-recognition. When you speak at local SEO events or major SEO conferences, you are addressing an audience of potential clients and if they are convinced that you have the right skill set to help them out, they will seek you out.

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