How to get a marketing internship?

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If we had to summarize the marketing sector in a single word, we would say it is “fast-paced.” The marketing world is continuously evolving, which is part of what makes it so exciting! Those who major in marketing can work in a wide array of professions that are constantly changing in practically any business. Not to mention the possibility that you will use your considerable marketing skills to create and promote your firm at some point in the future.

Having completed at least one internship before entering the realm of professional marketing is a good idea, while it is not required. What kinds of marketing internships are available for marketing majors, and how do you go about getting one? Continue reading to find out.

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1. What is the best way to obtain a marketing internship?

First and foremost, let us discuss where marketing majors can locate internship opportunities. When looking for a marketing internship, a few areas to look for are worth your time. These are some suggestions:

Make use of your existing network

It is not uncommon for marketing internships to be obtained through personal recommendations. Begin by giving out to instructors and staff, conversing with recent marketing graduates, and utilizing the career resources offered by your school’s career center.

That is why the very 1st place you need to start is your network. Only when you speak with your friends, family, and colleagues will you know about opportunities available but not that well-advertised.

Career fairs to the rescue

Another way in which you can bag a marketing internship is to take part in career fairs. You have to make a stack of your resumes and attend career fairs.
These days, it is even easier to do so. That is because there are plenty of Virtual career fairs organized as well. You can attend them right from your home. During these career fairs, you can submit your resumes for the internships suitable for you. If your department has a career fair, don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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Follow the social media accounts of the brands you admire

Have you noticed brands and companies posting their vacancies on social media?
Most companies these days update the job opportunities and internship opportunities 1st on their social media channels. That is why it is a good idea to follow as many brands as you can on social media.
Once you do so, you will be the first one to know about the marketing internship opportunities available. That way, you can apply as soon as you notice the opportunity.

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2. Different types of marketing internships

Did you know that marketing internships can be of different types?
Even if you’re a marketing major, you have all the right to choose a marketing internship that meets your requirements. To back such an internship, you have to first find out the types of marketing internships available.

Social media intern

If you’re already spending your days on TikTok, you might as well make a career out of it as a social media intern. Of course, it is not as simple as uploading anything on social media. However, with proper guidance and a framework, you will be able to easily create content for the social media channels of various companies.

Your daily responsibilities could involve developing content for social media calendars, tracking engagement data, analyzing what’s working (and what isn’t), and refining the brand’s social media tactics, among other things. This is an excellent internship opportunity for marketing majors who wish to pursue a career as a social media manager.

Digital marketing intern

Do you want to grow beyond social media channels? If so, you should take up the opportunity as a digital marketing intern.

Social media, email, online display ads, blogs, search engine rankings, and other digital marketing channels are used by digital marketing interns to generate leads and increase brand exposure. Digital marketing interns work in a range of industries. As part of your internship, you’ll assist in developing marketing campaigns, assisting with market research, and providing new ideas to improve the company’s overall digital strategy.

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Product marketing intern

Are you a product marketing intern who possesses good analytical abilities? Considering a product marketing internship? You might be a good fit.

An intern working in product marketing will collaborate closely with product marketers and salespeople to identify the positioning and message. Job activities often involve conducting product research, developing product-focused content (blog posts, marketing copy, etc.), creating a product launch plan, and working with the sales team to ensure consistent messaging is delivered to customers.

Copywriting intern

Do you love to write? If so, you can undoubtedly excel as a copywriting intern. When working as a copywriting intern, you have to create engaging content that will push the company’s message forwards. The aim here is to not just create content but content which achieves the goal. The goal can be lead generation, building brand awareness, or convincing a customer to buy.
Of course, this internship and your career require you to do a lot of writing. However, the advantage is that you will have a lot more creativity than the other marketing majors. Not only that, most likely, you can work on an individual basis as well. That is why the creative freedom which you will get in this internship is much higher than others.

Data scientist intern

Intern as a Data Scientist – If you want to make a lot of money with your marketing degree, you should consider becoming a data scientist. In this day and age, data scientists are in high demand – and sure, you can get your start in data science while studying marketing. Marketing data scientist interns collaborate closely with data analysts and engineers to assist in analyzing data, developing models, and identifying critical insights within the data to improve marketing campaigns and overall company performance.

It is essential to decide which one you want to opt for when looking for a marketing internship. Once you are aware of the types, the decision to bag a marketing internship becomes much easier.

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How to choose the right marketing internship?

Having established the reasons for participating in a marketing internship, let’s move on to addressing the “what” and “where” questions that arise during the process of finding the ideal internship. The following are the fundamentals of what you should look for in an internship:

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A minimum of an eight-week internship, preferably with a full-time schedule; remember that if you are too busy during the academic year to engage in marketing internships, you can do it during the summer.

Look for internships involving data collection and analysis, marketing research, and other similar duties; tasks like these are crucial for becoming a great marketing professional, and the more experience you receive doing them, the better!

When it comes to getting a suitable internship, the first place to look is with your school’s career services office. In most universities and colleges, there is a career services office that assists students in locating internships and full-time employment. Most of the time, you may go to your school’s website and see what listings they have available.

Additionally, you can seek guidance and assistance from professors or alumni when it comes to internship opportunities. They will likely be able to send you properly. Besides that, numerous websites list interesting internships in your field of interest, existing summer marketing internships in your area of interest, or other states. When you visit the website of any significant company, internships are usually listed in their careers or employment sections.

The advantage of a marketing internship is that international students can gain valuable experience and, after that, bag a marketing job once they complete graduation. Not only that, you can gain invaluable experience and insights while working as a marketing intern. With the network you develop, it will undoubtedly become easier for you to excel later on. With numerous summer marketing internships available, you can easily opt for an internship for a lower duration. Now there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to bag such a marketing internship if you’re serious about it.



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