How to Get a Feral Cat to Use a Shelter


You can eHow tomploy different options of getting a feral cat to use a shelter depending on the type of relationship you have with it and the type of circumstance you are in. The following are ways that you can use to get you feral cat to use the shelter.

1. Camouflage the Shelter

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Feral cats like staying in a concealed environment. When you camouflage its shelter, it will attract less attention. You can use paints that blend with the environment or cover the shade with leaves or any appropriate material. Your cat will feel comfortable in this kind of shelter.

2. Ensure the Doors are Spacious

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The size of the feral cat door should be big enough for the cat to get in and out quickly. This appropriate size will encourage the cat to use the shelter. The door should be approximately five inches square. Make sure that it is not too big to encourage predators.

3. Ensure the Doors are Well Opened

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Make sure there are no hindrances such as swinging flaps on the doors. This is because feral cats are not used to pushing through a curtain to enter the shelter. You need to make them comfortable when coming or going out of the shelter. Other accessories like curtains and clear swinging flaps can be added later on when the cat is used to the shelter.

4. Do Not Put Food inside the Shelter

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When you put food inside or near the cat shelter, it might attract predators. You should build a food and water station about nine feet away from the shelter to safeguard your cat.

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5. Use Some Catnip

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Sprinkling catnip in the feral shelter will entice the cat into entering the shelter as it reaches for the catnip. It will help you a great deal in getting your cat into the shelter.

6. Entice the cat Using a Toy

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You should try bonding with the cat and develop a good relationship with it. After doing this, you can attract it using a toy that is connected to a string as you bring it closer to the shelter. When the cat is close to the shelter, pull the string and draw the toy into the shelter and the cat will follow it. The cat will enjoy playing with the toy and also the warm environment.

7. Select a Suitable Location for the Cat Shelter

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You should place the cat shelter in an excellent location to prevent adverse weather such as wind, snow and rain. Ensure that your cat is safe and that no predator can harm it. Another consideration you can make is placing the shelter where the cat likes hanging out.

8. Use a Feral Cat Shelter with Many Doors

You should use a cat shelter with more than one door since a feral cat might feel trapped when a shelter has only one entry. This is important because the cat can easily escape from the other entrance once it senses danger.

The above tips will enable you to get your feral cat to use a shelter. You should be patient and develop a good relationship with the cat, and this will make your task much easy.

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