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How to

There’s no denying the fact that romantic relationships are one of the best things you can experience in your life. When you find a significant other that just gets you and understands you on a level that nobody else can, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Having a boyfriend is more than just saying that you’re in a relationship with someone. When you have a boyfriend, you have a best friend, a partner in crime and a confidant. You have someone to have by your side, through the ups and downs, through the storms and highlights of your life. There’s no denying just how remarkable it feels to have a boyfriend. With this being said, the following are ways on how to get a boyfriend:

Dating apps

How to

In the modern dating culture, dating apps have become a way to meet a potential boyfriend. In fact, it’s the easiest way to start talking to someone and get to know who they are. Even if dating apps don’t seem like a platform to meet someone, it can definitely happen. Not to mention, dating apps make your dating life much more convenient and essential. You start talking to them even before you meet them in person, and it’s a pretty convenient way to see if you’re compatible enough.

Blind dates

How to

Asides from dating apps. there’s the existence of blind dates- which has been around for as long as I could remember. What better way to find yourself a boyfriend than being set up by a close friend of yourself? If you’re both single, why not give it a shot after all? Even if the blind date turns out to be a complete failure, at least you know that you’re putting yourself out there actively, and not just leaving everything up to fate. Dating apps aren’t necessarily for casual dating and flings, but it can be the place you find your next boyfriend.

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Get out more often

How to

Whether it’s hanging out with friends over coffee, or at a party, you should definitely go out more. How do you expect to have a boyfriend when you spend Friday nights on Netflix, instead of going out? By going out more often, you’ll increase your chances of meeting someone and finding a boyfriend for yourself. Whether it’s accidentally bumping into them or meeting someone at a party, you’ll increase your chances as long as you don’t constantly stay home.

Flirt with your crush

How to

Everyone has crushes, and I’m pretty sure you have one, too. Why not flirt around with your crush and maybe gather the courage to ask them out? It’s the modern dating culture, and girls can totally ask their crush out nowadays. If you want to get a boyfriend, the best way to do that is take the initiative and so something about it. That boy you admire at work, why don’t you ask him out for coffee? Or, at least follow him on his social media. You should definitely make the first move with someone you like. After all, you never know if they could feel the same towards you?

Start conversations with strangers

How to

It’s always a good idea to strike up a conversation with a conversation, in a completely normal way- not in a creepy manner, of course. If you’re into books, you could strike up a conversation with someone holding a book you absolutely love. Or, you could even talk to the guy behind you as you’re about to see a movie you’re excited above. The best way to spark someone’s attention is through their interest, after all. A simple conversation with a stranger could go a long way and it could end up with such a cute story on how you met.

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Drink at a bar alone

How to

Nothing attracts guys more than women who drink alone at a bar, and it’s enough for them to go to you and spike up a conversation. By drinking alone, you’re letting yourself meet a potential boyfriend- they might even ask you out on a date within the week. You don’t always have to surround yourself with company to enjoy drinking, after all. In fact, you seem more approachable to men when they see you don’t have company.

Travel more

How to

Whether it’s with friends or alone, travelling is also a great way to meet someone along the way. You never know, your potential boyfriend could just be an ocean away from you. By travelling, you expose yourself to all kinds of people, whether it’s different cultures, ethnicity and lifestyles. Travelling is a great way to make both friends and relationships alike. Why not strike a conversation with the person next to you in your flight, and ask them about their travel adventures?

Go to networking events

How to

By going to social gatherings and networking events, this exposes yourself to meeting different- and significant- people of different career backgrounds. You never know if your significant other could be lurking around in a networking event, after all. You’ll never get a boyfriend if you don’t expose yourself to a variety of social gatherings, and this includes networking events.

Focus on yourself

How to

This may not be like the rest of this list, but this focuses primarily on yourself. The best way you could get a boyfriend asides from actively getting yourself out there is focusing on yourself. Invest on yourself, so that you’re so busy with your own life, and this kind of drive and motivation will naturally attract other people to you. Men do love a challenge, and want women who have their own lives, separate from the relationship. By focusing on your own life, you’re one step closer in getting yourself a boyfriend.

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In conclusion, above are the ways on how to find a boyfriend. Frankly, there are various ways on how to get a boyfriend and all you have to do is get yourself out there. You’ll never find a boyfriend within your comfort zone, but you need to actually want it for yourself and not just hoping that you find one.



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