How SEO Writing Services Work With Google’s Ranking Algorithm

How SEO Writing Services Work With Google’s Ranking Algorithm

There is a popular phrase that claims that, ‘the second page of Google is the best place to hide a dead body’. Think about it, when was the last time you scrolled down a search page to click on the second page? As everyone tries to raise their website’s profile so it appears on the first page of search results, SEO writing services have become increasingly important. The trick to success in this field is to understand how search engines ‘think’ so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

The main tool search engines use to rank web pages is an algorithm referred to as RankBrain. Google, Bing and other search engines recognized the danger of manipulation, and now use AI and machine learning to handle the task. Nevertheless, there are certain tips website SEO content Canada use to ‘beat’ the machine. If you want to offer better writing services Canada, this is what you need to understand about today’s search engines.

Realize what constitutes the most relevant content

Search engines today try to provide users with the most relevant content. To determine what is probably relevant, RankBrain takes into account, among other things, what most people are searching for. If many people are searching for the word ‘coronavirus’, RankBrain will know it is important and will show websites containing this word. Therefore, you will need to use a tool such as Google Trends to find out which words are currently relevant and include them into the website.

Avoid a repetition of keywords and phrases

In the past, people used to think that SEO writing content meant stuffing a website with as many repetitions of certain keywords as possible. If you take the example of coronavirus, some writing services Canada may include numerous mentions of the same word. This strategy used to work in the past, but search engines have become smart enough to recognize this trick.

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Instead, you should use different iterations of the same keyword within a web page. doing this has several benefits. First, it convinces the search engine that the content is not repetitive and thus authoritative. And second, you get to use multiple keywords that may also be relevant rather than sticking to one.

Know your audience

You already know that websites use cookies to track your browsing history and ‘improve your experience’. These cookies basically learn what a person’s interests are and alter the search results to favor that person’s interests. For instance, a law student searching for the phrase ‘coronavirus’ will first see results to do with regulatory changes while a nursing student will probably see pages about preventive measures against the virus. Thanks to these cookies, SEO writing services can subtly alter the content to become more relevant to a specific group of people. So to improve your website SEO content Canada, you may want to ensure the content is relevant to residents in Canada.

Ensure the writing is excellent

Imagine visiting a page and finding countless grammatical and spelling errors throughout the text, would you believe anything you read? Of course not. RankBrain is also attuned to these same errors and finding any of them will reduce the ‘quality’ of your content according to the search engine. In addition, the algorithms also note a website’s bounce rate and visit duration. A low performance in these areas shows that the content is not engaging and the search engine will lower that page’s ranking automatically. This is why SEO writing content should always be of high quality and keep the readers engaged.

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