Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes

What are some healthy recipes? The easy answer for me will be to say that everything is healthy in moderation, but I’m gonna go more in-depth.

I’m also gonna share some healthy recipes that are delicious and many people think they are unhealthy, but they are not.

French Toast


Many people are probably surprised to hear that, but it’s not your typical french toast. The difference is that this french toast is dipped only in egg whites with cinnamon, vanilla extract and a sweetener of choice. At the end, you can also add fruit, some greek yoghurt and a low-calorie syrup. Boom! That’s your healthy and delicious breakfast. You don’t have to make dieting boring and you don’t always have to eat plain foods.



Popcorn is a good snack if you get the right type of popcorn. It has a lot of volume and fiber. It’s gonna fill you up, thus you won’t cheat on your diet.





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