Flowering rhododendron (Azalea indica), indoor rhododendron: cultivation, care

The Floists’ Azalea (Azalea indica syn. Rhododendron simsii syn. Azalea) known as the Indian rhododendron or the indoor rhododendron is a commonly offered plant, such as florists’ primrose (Cyclamen persicum), but similarly, it is difficult to keep the shape.

make an indoor azalea bloom again

Rhododendron is a difficult houseplant because the heat of the heater causes it to wither prematurely, drafts are annoying, direct sunlight shortens the flowers, irregular watering, etc.

This small shrub, native to China, has poisonous leaves and flowers, is bushy with evergreen foliage made up of small glossy dark green ovate leaves.

Florists’ rhododendrons are excellent springtime plants because their natural flowering occurs in April-May; The earlier flowers, from the fall, are forced. Large funnel-shaped, unscented, single or double flowers, sometimes with wrinkled petals, can be pink, red, white, salmon, or even two-tone, depending on the multitude of varieties. . Flowering has the advantage of lasting several weeks.

If you can choose, you should choose a regular shape, with many buds about to bloom, without losing leaves. And if you respect its needs, the rhododendron can be kept for several years!

  • Family: Ericaceae
  • Type: flowering houseplant
  • Origin: China
  • Color: white, red, pink, salmon, two-tone flower
  • Sow: no
  • Cut: yes
  • Planting: spring
  • Flowering: April-May
  • Height: 20 to 80 cm depending on species

Ideal soil and exposure for azaleas

Indoor rhododendrons are grown in partial shade, i.e. without direct sunlight but with bright light, in a cool indoor room, at a temperature of 13°C in winter, otherwise the buds will drop, or in front of a North facing window, and 24°C maximum in summer. The pot can be placed on a dish lined with wet gravel and its substrate will be humus-rich, acidic soil, but the plant should not be sprayed, especially while it is flowering.

freshness and moisture for azaleas

Day of cutting and repotting of Azaleas

Rhododendron propagation is done by cuttings 7cm long, in moist heather soil, but be aware that success is often limited to the expertise of specialists.

Planting done in spring is the same as repotting azaleas that are scheduled only every 2 to 3 years if the tree is really cramped.

Council for the maintenance and culture of azaleas of flower growers

As a salt-loving plant, azaleas must be watered with nonlime (rainwater) water at room temperature, spring through fall, to keep the soil lightly moist, after which it will need to be watered in winter without water. need irrigation. let the soil dry.

In the spring, during the flowering period, take advantage of the blooming azaleas, which should be kept in the room about 16°C. In the summer, the pot can be brought out to the garden in the shade, and then planted first. when it’s cold. And from October to March, if you can, keep it in a room between 7 and 16°C: that way, it’ll bud and be ready to bloom again in the spring.

At the end of flowering, the azaleas can be pruned slightly to keep them in shape.

It is possible to add fertilizer to heather from spring to fall.

How to make an indoor azalea bloom again?

The secret to getting the indoor azalea blooms again lies in letting it rest, after blooming, first out in the shade, then, before frost arrives, in the cool of 7 to 15°C, even quite dark: if you only have a garage or shed, this will do.

Azalea (Azalea indica), indoor rhododendron

Diseases, Pests and Parasites of Rhododendrons

Powdery mildew and spider mites are enemies of the indoor azalea, but unfortunately, before that, poor growing conditions have killed it (hot sun, dry air, lack of or excess water leads to to rotting, etc.).

Location and favorable combination of Azaleas

It is a potted plant in a cool room in front of a north-facing window, with outdoor access in the summer.

We usually refer to 2 species of rhododendrons for our home interiors: florists’ azaleas (Azalea indica syn. Rhododendron simsii syn. Azalea) are called the Indian azalea and the Japanese azalea (Azalea japonica) is more sturdy but this is really a garden rhododendron.

Many cultivars are called Azalea indica derived from hybrids of Rhododendron simsii and Azalea.

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