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The Top 10 Courses On How To Create A Profitable Blog

Blogging is big business nowadays, no longer just a hobby as it once was. In fact, writing a blog could realistically make you a lot of money, but only if you know how. The following 10 courses will teach you how to create a blog that will make you a reliable income. They’re all online-based, and most let you make your way through the course at your own pace, so they’re perfect if you’re busy with other work at the moment. You can’t go wrong with any of the 10 courses below, but hopefully the descriptions provided will help you decide which is right for you.


1. Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers (Blogging Like You Mean It)

COST: $79



This course is wonderful. It teaches you all about affiliate marketing so you can start making passive income on your blog right away. As the creator of the course, Carly Campbell, points out – anybody can put a link in a blog post, but getting somebody to click that link and then purchase a product is hard. Thankfully, this course gives you everything you need to do this successfully every time, earning you lots of money through affiliate marketing and making your blog profitable quickly.

2. The Fat Stacks Bundle

COST: $358.80 (usually a $499 bundle)

URL: The Fat Stacks Bundle | Fat Stacks (


If you want a course that’s going to show you everything there is to know about making money through blogging, then The Fat Stacks bundle by Jon Dykstra is perfect. It’ll take you through every step of the process from picking a niche site, to setting up your website, all the way through to optimizing keywords and driving traffic to your sites as though on autopilot. He also has a great section on using display ads for passive income that can change your blog earnings in a heartbeat.

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3. Traffic Transformation

COST: $79

URL: Traffic Transformation Guide (


Traffic Transformation teaches you all about driving traffic to your site. Now, that in itself doesn’t make you money, but Lena Gott, the course creator, points out that you need to have high traffic numbers if you want to join a premier ad network, and premier ad networks are the single best way to make lots of money regularly through blogging.


4. Blog Simple Framework

COST: $1997 (free Master Workshop to start with)

URL: The Pocket Business Blogging Workshop (


This blogging masterclass from Paul Scrivens is not one you want to miss. To start with, all you need to do is follow the link above and sign up for his free Master Workshop – yes, free. It’s a 45 minute tutorial that will take you through the basics and explain his course in more detail, but with no sales pitches. Instead, you’ll receive emails with links to signing up to the Blog Simple Framework course, but only after you know what it’s all about. The Blog Simple Framework is an amazing course that tells you everything about blogging, from getting set up, to potentially earning six figures a year through passive income on your blogs.


5. Stupid Simple SEO

COST: $297 or $497 with extra content

URL: Masterclass | Stupid Simple SEO


Another one that starts with a free masterclass, this time about SEO. The course itself will teach you everything you need to know about ranking high on search engines to drive more traffic to your site, as well as teaching you the best ways to make a passive income on your site. The work involved is quite demanding at first, but Stupid Simple SEO teaches you how to put the work in now, to be able to sit back and let the money flow in later.

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6. Blogging For A Living: Perfect Small Budget Project

COST: $129.99

URL: Blogging for a Living – Perfect Small Budget Project | Udemy


This is another great course, and the overview on their homepage explains everything clearly, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. They’ll take you through the entire process, but the key bits for earning as a blogger are the sections about monetizing your blog using digital products and affiliate programmes. It’s an easy to follow, interesting course that any new blogger should try out.


7. Build Blog Freedom Fast Track

COST: $597

URL: Build Blog Freedom Fast Track – Digital Nomad Wannabe


Build Blog Freedom Fast Track is an essential course for anybody starting out as a blogger, or anybody wanting to know how to carve a niche in the blogging world to really capitalize on the amount of money you can make. It’s a 10 week course that takes you through every stage of blogging, but there are two weeks specifically looking at affiliate links and passive income, so it’s literally giving you the handbook on how to earn money without having to change the way you work – it just shows you how to improve it.


8. Blogging For Your Business

COST: First month free, then $29.99 lifetime access

URL: Content Marketing: Blogging for Business Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly


One of the best things about this course is that it essentially gives you a one month free trial to see if you like it, and then gives you everything you need to know about making money for your business through blogging, for just $29.99. It’s a steal, and it’ll take you through every aspect of blogging for your business (hence the name)…

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9. Learn Grow Earn

COST: $90 to $176

URL: Homepage | Tracie Fobes Courses (Formerly Learn Grow Earn) (


Tracie Fobes essentially wrote the book on how to turn your money troubles around through blogging, and now you can access that book through her courses. They range in prices from $90 to $176 depending on the course you’re interested in, but we’d definitely recommend the Affiliate Marketing Roadmap ($104.40) and the Blog Accelerator ($90) courses as great ways to improve your blog quickly and start earning money right now.


10. Viral Blogging 101: Blogging & Content Writing Masterclass

COST: $14.99

URL: Viral Blogging 101: Blogging & Content Writing Masterclass | Udemy


This course is great for beginners, and really cheap too. But don’t let the price put you off, you get vast amounts of information that can show you how to set up a blog that’s programmed for success from the start. Your content is important as a blogger, and this course shows you how to write content that will catch everybody’s eye, and ultimately lead to more traffic and money to your blog!


All 10 of the courses we have featured today are amazing. They’ll teach you everything from setting up your blog, all the way through to turning it into a money-making machine that needs little input from you. If you’re willing to put in the work, then check out all 10 courses on offer and decide which suits your needs and your budget best! Whichever one you choose, you’ll make more money after taking the course than you will without it.



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