How do you say best regards in Spanish?

Introduction When learning a foreign language, one of the most important things to learn is how to say goodbye and how to say goodbye properly. There are many different ways to say farewell in Spanish, both in writing (by e-mail, letter, or message) and vocally (by hugging, kissing, or kissing). People who are new to … Read more

The European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages

Learning a new language is an exciting prospect that can also be daunting. There are many hurdles to overcome, from figuring out when and where to study to deciding on the best way to learn the new language. Outside of the classroom, learning a foreign language often arises through immersion. Whether traveling to a new … Read more

Speak 7 Popular Languages Fluently and Confidently

Learning new languages can offer you a chance to meet new people, to know new places, and to expand your business. But, the problem is learning a language can be a time-consuming task.   The following 7 languages are widely spoken on this planet. Moreover, you can learn them easily through Rosetta Stone language software. … Read more

How to Write the Copy for the Back of a Book Cover


So, you want to write a copy for the back of your book cover. You have chosen the cover design, title, and theme, and now your book looks like a finished product. But it will not be complete and will not grab the attention of your target without an impressive back page. Many authors do … Read more

10 Amazing Ways to Say Goodbye in Spanish

goodbye in spanish

How Do You Say Goodbye In Spanish? Learning Spanish can be quite interesting. If you are learning Spanish, then you must know that you can say Goodbye in Spanish in different ways and it depends from one context to another. Here we will discuss with you how you can say the word “goodbye” in different … Read more

How to Say I Miss You in Spanish

i miss you in spanish

How to say I miss you in Spanish In 2017, Spanish came out as the sexiest language in the world because the accent is fast and sounds fluid to the ears. This is why many are learning Spanish and the best way to showcase your learnings is by applying the knowledge in real-life situations and … Read more