Cabbage (Dendroseris littoralis), big leaves: planting, care

Cabbage (Dendroseris litoralis) speak cabbage plant in English, is a jolly perennial, forming a bony small tree with a canopy similar to that of a palm tree. It is found exclusively on the tiny volcanic Robinson Crusoe island in the Juan Fernández archipelago in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Chile. Locally, this plant is threatened with extinction, while on our continent it has been multiplied especially by collectors and is often a prized houseplant for its canopies. Majestic and breathtaking leaves offer a graphic silhouette suitable for contemporary interiors.

cabbage (Dendroseris littoralis), with large leaves

The oval leaves can be up to nearly 50 cm long, connected to the stem by a white petiole with a crescent shape to attach to the rounded stem; The latter are marked by annular scars caused by torn leaves. Evergreen, edible leaves and cabbage-like in appearance, tough and thick.

The clusters of drooping orange flower heads are gorgeous, spot-pollinated by hummingbirds, and are attracted by their sweetness.

Cabbage with its upright habit can find its place in coastal gardens (litoralis) as it prefers cool and humid climates and tolerates temperatures down to -5°C. Its growth is relatively rapid.

  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Type: evergreen perennial
  • Origin: Juan Fernández Islands (Chile)
  • Color: orange blossom
  • Sow: yes
  • Cut: no
  • Planting: spring
  • Flowering: random
  • Height: 2 to 2.5 m

Ideal soil and exposure for cabbage plants

Cabbage plants grow in low light, avoid direct sunlight, where the soil is light and well drained.

Date of sowing and planting of cabbage plants

That is, in the spring, you will plant the seeds in a sand mix, at 20 °C, after soaking them overnight in room temperature water. Lifting can sometimes be lengthy.

Planting is scheduled for the spring.

Council for the maintenance and cultivation of cabbage plants

Water regularly to keep the soil moist. Remove yellow leaves.

Diseases, pests and parasites on cabbage plants

Youth Dendroseris litoralis Grown outdoors will be coveted by slugs and snails: protect them.

flower cabbage plant

Location and favorable alignment of cabbage plants

It is a plant that is grown indoors, on patios or outdoors in coastal gardens on the Atlantic coast.

Type Dendroseris There are ten species in total, all of which are endemic to the Juan Fernández Islands of Chile. Among them, beside Dendroseris litoralis (Where littoralis), quote Dendroseris pinnata, Dendroseris neriifolia, Dendroseris berteroana, Dendroseris macrophylla… They are often prized by collectors.

(photo credit 1: Flobbadob – Own work – CC BY-SA 4.0 and photo 2: Spencer CH Barrett – Public domain)

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