Top 5 Autoresponders For Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. However, you can only make money when you have complete control over your traffic source.

If you’re relying on any third-party website or platform for traffic, it can become difficult for you to get consistent income.

A much better alternative is to build your email list and use an autoresponder for the same.

You have complete control over your email list. Once you draft the email campaign and inculcate the autoresponder, it is easy for you to make money on autopilot.

The question is, which one is the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing?

After all, you cannot risk your email list with any autoresponder. Today, we will share with you the five best autoresponders for affiliate marketing. Once you choose from this list, you will not have to worry about the nitty-gritty of email campaigns, email sequences, or the robustness of the autoresponder.

What is the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing?


There are essentially 5 best autoresponders for affiliate marketing, including GetResponse, ConvertKit, AWeber, SendLane, and Follow-Up Funnels.

We will go into the details of these 5 autoresponders below to help you understand why they are such a good choice.


– What is it, and who is it for?

GetResponse is not just an autoresponder, but it also helps you create landing pages and automate various marketing activities.

With over 350,000 customers across 180+ countries, it is a trusted platform. Not only that, it is available in 27 different languages, which speaks volumes about its versatility.

With a stellar record of 15 years, this is undoubtedly a reliable platform when you want to build your affiliate marketing empire.

Now that you are aware of its background, it is time to look at its features.

– Key Features:

– The autoresponder offers you professional templates as well as design tools. It means that you will not have to worry about creating such templates from scratch.

– With numerous webinars on offer, going through the learning curve to affiliate marketing is easy.

– You can automate various marketing activities so that once a lead gets added to your email list, you can easily create multiple touchpoints.

– The autoresponder allows you to integrate paid advertising, funnels, push notifications, live chat into your marketing campaign and landing pages easily.

– With the help of email analytics, it becomes easier to optimize your marketing campaigns.

– You can send transactional and confirmation emails to your leads in an automated fashion.

– With the help of list management and advanced autoresponder, the manual work you will have to do is pretty limited.

– The features like automation flows, abandoned cart emails, product recommendations make it easy for you to automate your marketing efforts. That is why; it is easy to work with this autoresponder.

– You can easily create and market webinars with the help of this tool. It ensures that you can generate affiliate income with the help of webinars as well.

– With a live chat tool, it becomes easy for you to stay in touch with the prospective leads through the chatbox on your landing page.

– The web push notifications, which you can integrate into your landing pages, helps you reach out to your prospective leads in more ways than one.

– Pricing Packages:

GetResponse offers not just three different plans, but the cost of these plans varies according to your list as well. We will consider a sample list size of 1000 and accordingly highlight the 3 plans on offer.

– The basic plan will cost you $ 15 per month. It allows you to create autoresponder sequences and use unlimited landing pages.

– The plus plan will cost you $ 49 per month and allow you to create and market webinars, create 5 automation workflows, create 5 funnels.

– The professional plan will cost you $99 per month. In addition to the features of the above two plans, it allows you to create unlimited automation workflow, conduct periodic webinars, work with 5 other users in your team.

The good news is that a free trial is available across all these plans. That is why; trying them out is undoubtedly easy.

Now that you are aware of what exactly this platform has on offer, it is time to look at the pros and cons.

– Pros & Cons:


– Affordable plans

– Offers you automation solutions.

– Offers multiple ways to reach out to your list

– Simple interface

– Stellar track record

– Available in numerous languages

– Over 20 different solutions on offer


– Can be a bit overwhelming at the start


– What is it, and who is it for?

ConvertKit offers you everything which you might need to build your email list and to contact them. However, unlike the above platform, it does not offer you live chat and webinar solutions.

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If you’re looking only for an autoresponder to help you with affiliate marketing, this one is a good choice.

The autoresponder has a team of over 64 members spread out across 52 cities. It means that getting proper support and solution to your problems is certainly easy.

The platform has been around for quite a few years, which means that it is not a fly-by-night operator. During this time, it has had a stellar track record which speaks volumes about its credibility.

We will now cover its features below, which will help you understand what exactly it has on offer.

– Key Features:

– The autoresponder offers you a drag-and-drop interface for landing pages. That is why creating one is easy.

– With the help of ready-made email signup forms, inculcating them into your squeeze pages and landing pages is equally easy.

– The platform offers you various integration options with CRM tools and other such software. That is why managing data is easy.

– In case you want to sell your digital products, the platform can help you with the same as well.

– If you’re struggling to draft emails for your sequence, they have an email designer on offer as well.

– The platform offers you email analytics which helps you in optimizing your campaigns.

– With automation, you can easily send relevant content to your email list.

– Pricing Packages:

ConvertKit allows you to select the list size, and accordingly, you can opt for the plan. There are essentially three different plans. We will compare them with a list of the size of 1000.

– There is an entirely free plan that allows you to manage 1000 subscribers and create unlimited landing pages and forms.

– The creator plan will cost you $29 per month and allows you to sell digital products, gain access to email support, migrate your data from other tools, create automated sequences and funnels.

– The Creator pro plan will cost you $59 per month. In addition to the above plan’s features, it will allow you to create a Facebook custom audience, use the newsletter reference system, and access advanced reporting.

All three plans offer you a free trial. That is why; trying them out is not going to be an issue.

Before you make up your mind regarding the same, take a look at the pros and cons below.

– Pros & Cons:


– Free plan available

– Ability to create unlimited landing pages and forms

– Allows you to sell your products as well

– Email designer on offer

– Offers email analytics


– Limited automation tools


– What is it, and who is it for?

AWeber at one point in time, was industry standard when it came to autoresponders. However, their opaque practices regarding what they allow and what they do not allow gave rise to various other autoresponders.

However, if you want to use it for affiliate marketing, it is still a good option.

The autoresponder has been around since 1998. That is why, in terms of credibility, there is no issue or doubt.

The policy of 24/7 support is another reason why it has become quite famous.

All these features make it a reliable choice for affiliate marketers. It is now time to look at the features of this autoresponder.

– Key Features:

– This autoresponder is one of the few tools which has incorporated Canva into itself. That is why; designing visually appealing emails is easy.

– You can easily automate email sequences, allowing you to relax while your subscribers get your emails on time. This ensures that you can handle large lists as an affiliate marketer quite easily.

– The autoresponder offers you landing page templates, web push notifications, forms, sales funnels, and so on. It means that all the tools which you need for affiliate marketing are provided on this platform.

– The segmentation feature ensures that you can create various segments from your list. You can easily send different messages to different segments, which will help you target subscribers in a much better way.

– The drag-and-drop interface for creating emails ensures that you can create an email sequence in no time.

– Pricing Packages:

The lowest tier of plans for this autoresponder is up to 500 subscribers. We will take an example list of 500 subscribers and let you know how much it charges you.

– For the 1st 500 subscribers, you have a completely free plan as well.

– The pro plan will cost you $ 19.99 per month without using the credentials of this autoresponder at the bottom.

With a simple to plan structure, there is no confusion when going with this autoresponder.

– Pros & Cons:


– Simple to plan structure

– Offers landing pages, forms, and funnels

– Stellar track record

– Easy to craft emails

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– Bit expensive for a low number of subscribers


– What is it, and who is it for?

SendLane is not just an email autoresponder platform but also an SMS marketing platform as well. That is why, with the help of a single platform, you can take advantage of two marketing mechanisms.

The platform is specifically designed for e-commerce stores as well as affiliate marketers.

The platform was launched in 2013. Ever since then, new features have been added consistently.

During this time, it sends over 40 million emails daily. The average response time of the support is less than 30 seconds when it comes to live chat.

With over 40 employees, getting any help is undoubtedly easy.

The stellar track record of this autoresponder is made it famous.

It is not time to look at the features of this autoresponder.

– Key Features:

– the autoresponder allows you to create automated messaging for any mailing sequences. That is why reaching out to your subscribers is easy.

– You can easily create sequences visually, which helps you create multiple touchpoints.

– The intelligent pop-ups ensure that you can easily get in touch with your prospective subscribers.

– The real-time analytics ensures that you can easily optimize your campaigns.

– Additionally, it offers A/B testing, which further helps you enhance your ROI.

– Pricing Packages:

The platform offers you three plans depending on the number of subscribers which you have. These are:

– The growth plan can accommodate 5000 subscribers and cost you $ 99 per month.

– The professional plan can accommodate 10,000 subscribers and will cost you $ 249 per month.

– The starter pack offers you six months of membership and will cost you $ 497. It can accommodate up to 5000 subscribers.

With the help of live chat support and live email support, you can quickly get your queries resolved.

Thus, when you’re looking for a versatile autoresponder, this one certainly meets the requirements.

– Pros & Cons:


– Dual marketing platform

– Live chat and email support

– Allows you to create visual strategies

– Real-time analytics on offer


– Bit expensive

Follow-Up Funnels (Clickfunnels’ autoresponder)

– What is it, and who is it for?

Follow-Up Funnels is part of Clickfunnels. With the help of this tool, you can create sales funnel, integrate it with your landing pages, and manage your email list with clickfunnels as well.

It means that if you’re going with Clickfunnels, it will undoubtedly become easier for you to make money through email marketing.

The features of clickfunnels are enormous. That is what has led to its growth into a multi-million dollar company.

We will now highlight the features of this tool to help you understand what exactly it has on offer.

– Key Features:

There are quite a few features of this funnel tool that help it stand out. Some of them include:

– The visual representation ensures that you can create the sales funnel, email marketing sequences, and so on easily. That is why; making money through affiliate marketing is easy.

– With the help of various templates, it becomes easy for you to create the sequences and the landing pages, and other such marketing materials.

– You can broadcast messages, create entire email campaigns as well. With the help of such email campaigns, you can make money through your list quickly.

– You can easily categorize your email list using tags. Once you do so, it becomes easier to send targeted messages.

– Pricing Packages:

Follow-Up Funnels is included in the Platinum plan of click funnel is or higher.

The Platinum plan will cost you $297 per month. It allows you to create unlimited funnels. Not only that, it helps you work with 3 different sub-users as well.

The TwoCOmmaClubX is another plan which offers this tool. It will cost you $ 2497 per month. It allows you to create unlimited funnels and helps you work with 10 different users as well. It supports 27 payment gateways as opposed to 9 payment gateways in the earlier plan.

While this might seem expensive, you have to understand that you get various other tools included in click funnels. It is much more than just an autoresponder.

– Pros & Cons:


– Easy to create sales funnel

– Payment gateways on offer

– Can work with your team

– Unlimited pages on offer


– Bit expensive

Thus, when you’re searching for autoresponders for affiliate marketing, these are the 5 options that you can go with.

Before we help you decide between these 5 autoresponders, we will touch base on what exactly is autoresponder.

What is an Autoresponder?


An auto-responder is a tool that allows you to send emails to your email list. You can sequence those images, which ensures that you can send follow-up emails without any manual intervention.

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Additionally, autoresponders offer various other features like segmenting the list, sending targeted emails, monitoring the analytics, etc.

Now that you are aware of what precisely an autoresponder is, it is time to understand how to choose the best one from our list above.

How To Choose The Best Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing?


When comparing the autoresponders, you should compare them on a handful of parameters. Doing so will help you choose the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing.

– List management tools:

While all autoresponders allow you to send emails, it is essential to choose one that offers you a list of management tools.

The list management tools might include compartmentalizing your emails depending on the source as well as the tags.

Once you can compartmentalize the email list, it will become easier for you to send targeted messages. That will lower the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. Consequently, it will become easier for you to make more money using affiliate products.

– Scalability:

Initially, you might have subscribers in the hundreds or 1000 or 2000. However, over a while, you can add the subscribers to your email list as well.

The problem is that if the tool is not able to handle such volumes, you might have to migrate to another tool.

Instead of taking all that trouble, it is good to go with an autoresponder that offers proper scalability. In that case, you will not have to worry about migration.

You can easily concentrate on optimizing your campaigns and conversion rate rather than worry about migration.

This is a factor that you have to consider while choosing an autoresponder for affiliate marketing.

– Ability to draft emails:

When you’re using an autoresponder, you need to draft emails in it as well. Only when you can do so can you draft attractive emails easily.

Ideally, it should provide you with the compose window or a drag-and-drop feature to craft emails.

If the autoresponder allows you to draft emails, it is certainly easy for you to create the entire email campaign.

Once you draft the email campaigns, you can sequence them as well. It means that you will not have to worry about doing everything manually.

The more tools the autoresponder has on offer to draft emails, the easier it is for you to make money through affiliate marketing.

That is why it is always important to look at the email drafting tool on offer and, after that, choose the autoresponder.

– Cost:

When you choose an autoresponder for affiliate marketing, you will measure the ROI when choosing any tool. That is why it is important to take into account the cost of the autoresponder as well.

Once you consider the cost, you will realize whether the software is extremely expensive for you or if it provides maximum value for money.

You have to take into account the starting cost and the step-up cost when the number of subscribers increases. Once you do so, it will become effortless for you to understand the ROI you are getting from the autoresponder.

While calculating ROI, it is essential to consider the other features that it has on offer and landing page templates, form templates, and other forms of notifications and touchpoints.

Only when you do so can you decide which autoresponder provides you with the maximum ROI. Accordingly, you can choose the autoresponder.

– Optimization:

Without optimizing your emails, it is very difficult to maximize your ROI. Hardly any email marketers get it right the 1st time around. That is why you have to choose an autoresponder that allows you to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

It can help you do so if it provides stats like bounce rate, opening stats, A/B testing, and so on.

That is why, when comparing autoresponders for affiliate marketing, you have to compare them on the availability of these few features. Once you do so, choosing the right autoresponder for an affiliate marketing becomes easy.

– Automation:

No marketer has the time to draft emails manually and send them at that point in time. That is why; you need to automate the main sequences. This is a necessary feature to have for affiliate marketing. That is why, when comparing autoresponders for affiliate marketing, look out for this feature.

Once you compare the above 5 autoresponders on these few parameters, it will become easier for you to choose the right one.


Thus, if you’re serious about making money through affiliate marketing, choosing the right autoresponder is a must. With the help of our guide above, doing so is undoubtedly easy.

Now is the time to build your email list and monetize it. The autoresponders which we have highlighted above make it easy for you to do so. With our guide above, choosing between them is also easy.



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