7 Amazing Ways to Say Congratulations in Spanish

congratulations in spanish

How Yo You Say Congratulations in Spanish?

For the duration of our lives, we have various motivations to celebrate. These minutes are not just an ideal chance to hope everything works out for our loved ones, yet in addition to salute them. Considering that circumstances may be totally different from one another, many individuals can’t help thinking about how to say congrats in Spanish.

These are the most well-known articulations to say congratulations in Spanish. Some of them are more reasonable for praising somebody for a vacation while others are more proper for individual and expert accomplishments:

• Felicidades

• Enhorabuena

• Feliz…

• Felicitar

• Me da zeal por ti

• Felicitaciones

• ¡Buen trabajo!

When learning Spanish, figure out how to say congrats in various settings. Hence, in this article, I’ve aggregated a rundown of the 7 most normal ways of saying congratulations in Spanish.

I’ve likewise included clarifications so you know what settings are more appropriate for every articulation. You’ll likewise find a few models that will assist you with seeing better how to utilize this jargon.

Before the finish of this, you’ll have figured out how to say congratulations in Spanish for all events.

congratulations in spanish

1. Felicidades – Congratulations

In case you’re learning Spanish, you might realize that felicidades signifies ‘well done’ or ‘congrats’. Thus, this word is one of the most widely recognized ways of saying congratulations in Spanish. As a standard term, this articulation can be utilized in both formal and casual settings.

‘Felicidades’ can be utilized to praise individuals on a vacation, yet additionally for extraordinary occasions in their own or expert lives. Notice that assuming you need to underline your congrats you can utilize the variety muchas felicidades.

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2. Enhorabuena – Congratulations

Enhorabuena is a somewhat more proper word to say congratulations in Spanish. This articulation is better known in Castilian Spanish while in Latin America we may utilize it in books, gatherings, or other proper circumstances.

‘Enhorabuena’ is likewise deciphered as ‘congrats’ and we don’t utilize it when commending occasions. Indeed, this articulation is just material in case you’re praising somebody on an individual or expert accomplishment.

3. Feliz… – Happy

One more typical way of saying congratulations in Spanish is by utilizing the word ‘feliz’. Contingent upon the sort of occasion that you’re alluding to, ‘feliz’ can be deciphered either as ‘cheerful’ or ‘joyful’. In Spanish, it’s utilized to compliment individuals on an exceptional date or occasion that happens consistently, yet additionally to hope everything turns out great for them during festivities.

To bode well, feliz should be finished with a thing that depicts the festival or date that you’re discussing. A portion of the words that you can use to join with this articulation include:

• Pascuas – Easter

• Cumpleaños – Birthday

• Día de la madre – Mother’s days

• Navidad – Christmas

• Día del padre – Father’s day

• 5 de mayo – 5 de mayo

• Día de los inocentes – April fools

• Aniversario – Anniversary

• Parties – Occasions

congratulations in spanish

4. Felicitar – To salute

When saying congratulations in Spanish, you can likewise utilize the action word ‘felicitar’ which fundamentally signifies ‘to compliment’. In certain unique circumstances, this action word can be interpreted as ‘congrats also.

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In spite of the fact that you could utilize it to wish somebody a glad birthday, it’s all the more ordinarily used to salute individuals on an individual or expert accomplishment.

Very much like some other action word, to utilize felicitareffectively, you want to form it in whichever tense you really want. The following are a few instances of how to utilize this action word to say congratulations in Spanish.

5. Me da fervor por ti – I’m glad for you

In an individual setting, you can utilize the articulation me da fervor por ti as an approach to both praise somebody, yet in addition to communicate your satisfaction for that individual’s accomplishments. Therefore, ‘me da energy por ti’ can be deciphered as ‘I’m glad for you’ or ‘I’m happy for you’.

Despite the fact that you can utilize this articulation in both formal and casual circumstances, remember that ‘me da zeal porti’ suggests some sort of knowledge of the individual that you’re praising.

The following are a few instances of how you can alter this articulation to be utilized by various subjects. Assuming you need to increase your congratulations, you can include the word mucho or muchísimo along with everything else.

6. Felicitaciones – Congratulations

Felicitaciones is a more conventional way of saying congratulations in Spanish. This articulation is more appropriate when perceiving individuals’ accomplishments or while complimenting somebody for an individual or expert occasion.

Because of its custom, ‘felicitaciones’ can be applied in business or school conditions. Here are a few instances of how to utilize this articulation.

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Felicitaciones + [preposition] + [noun]

Por favor, dale mis felicitaciones a tu esposa.

If it’s not too much trouble, praise your significant other for my benefit.

congratulations in spanish

7. ¡Buen trabajo! – Good work

With regards to complimenting somebody for a task or assignment very much done, you can utilize the articulation buen trabajo which signifies ‘great job’ or ‘all around done’. This expression is a type of acknowledgment that can be utilized in formal and casual circumstances to salute others.

Concerning varieties, you can supplant ‘buen trabajo’ with:

¡Bien hecho! – Well done

Que buen trabajo hiciste – You worked effectively

¡Excelente trabajo! – Great work

Here are a few instances of how to utilize this articulation. Notice that the relational word con permits you to present the action that you’re complimenting on.

[Expression] + [preposition ‘con’] + [definite article] + [noun]

Cindy, buen trabajo con el reporte de gastos.

Cindy, great job with the costs report.

Wrapping Up

How to say congratulations in Spanish?  To be reasonable, it’s consistently great to be praised on an extraordinary day or on something you did well. Since realizing how to do this can be useful, in this article, we’ve learned 7 very normal ways of saying congratulations in Spanish.

On top of learning new jargon, we’ve additionally covered when and how these articulations can be applied. Recall that a portion of these articulations are intended to praise out on the town or occasion, while others are more reasonable for individual or expert accomplishments.

¡Felicidades! Presently you realize how to compliment individuals in Spanish!!¡Buena suerte!



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