6 tips to formulate Post lockdown marketing strategy


Want to get your business running once again?

Wondering where to start Post lockdown?


If yes, do not worry!

We will now share six tips that will help you formulate your post lockdown marketing strategy. Through these tips, it will be easy for you to reach out to your corporate and small business clients. Also, you can actually get new business in these times when clients are exceedingly nervous. Using these tips, you can avoid getting stonewalled and start getting conversions.

Go all guns blazing


Simply put, this is not the time to go slow. With most of the year lost to lockdown and COVID-19, you have to now go all guns blazing. It is the only way to recover some lost sales. Not only that, but you also have to reach out to your prospective clients before your competition does.

Therefore, you have to schedule as many meetings in a day as possible. We understand that clients might still not be comfortable meeting with you in person.

The solution to that is to schedule appointments through video conferencing, video calls, and so on. It will allow you to reach up to as many clients as possible.

Video conferencing works in your favor as well. It cuts down on the transit time, and therefore each day, you can reach out to more clients.

This very tip will allow you to tap more business by moving at a swift speed.

Incentivize your clients



We understand that B2B contracts often have a long gestation time. However, there are ways to incentivize your clients to sign on the dotted line.

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The best way is to renegotiate your billing rates. Sure enough, you might have to take a knock on the bottom line. However doing so, will undoubtedly get the wheels churning in terms of new business. That added financial incentive will undoubtedly help you bag new clients.

The incentive especially comes in handy when clients are on the fence or nervous about biting the bullet. It is one of the efficient ways to get quick conversions.

Use multiple channels

Use multiple channels

Another tip is to make use of various channels to reach up to prospective clients. Wondering which ones they are?

You have to use channels like:

– Webinars

– Digital conferences and exhibitions

– Video meetings

– Social media

– Email newsletters

– And so on

In the Post COVID-19 time, you have to place the thrust on digital and online marketing mediums rather than offline ones. Only then can you ensure that your post lockdown marketing strategy bears some fruit.

Add value to your offerings


In addition to the financial incentive, you have to add value to your offerings. Adding value to your offerings will distinguish your business from others.

For example, if you provide a back-end software solution to restaurants, it is a good idea to offer them with add-on solutions like cloud hosting and marketing flyers without charging anything extra.

Similarly, if you offer packaging solutions to Fast Moving Consumer Good’s companies, you can offer them quicker turnaround times. Sure enough, that can put added pressure on your staff, but adding value is the only way forward.

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Only when you have something unique to offer to your clients, you can expect to bag some orders.

Integrate tech into your products


Lockdowns globally have highlighted the importance of digital solutions. Businesses worldwide are looking to move their supply chains, manufacturing practices, and even marketing techniques online.

Before you pitch them your products and services, you have to inculcate tech into your products. For example, you have to move your entire ordering process online. You have to include a tracking mechanism for your clients. Doing so will make it convenient for them to order from you.

Moreover, in this era, businesses do not want to deal with technologically starved vendors. That is why; your post lockdown marketing strategy should involve amalgamating tech solutions with your products.

Tap into pent-up demand


Businesses are expected to recover fast after the end of lockdowns. Moreover, there are months of pent-up demand built up into the system. You have to take advantage of this pent-up demand.

You might be thinking how to do so?

You have to be ready with solutions that your client might expect from you.

For example, when you’re pitching to a prospective client online, you have to keep your product offerings ready along with the price. You have to assume that the client is prepared to go ahead with the order right away.

Wherever applicable, you have to schedule demos or display prototypes within a few days rather than making them wait for weeks.

Only when you do so, you can tap into that pent-up demand.

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Thus, our 6th post lockdown marketing strategy tip is to be fully ready with your offerings and solutions.

So, there is indeed an opportunity to recover some lost sales. With the help of our marketing strategy tips and our guide above can help you achieve precisely that. It is now perfect time to concentrate on your business once again now that the lockdown blues are over.




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