5 Reasons why you Should Invest more in Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Times have changed, and people now spend most of their time in front of their computers or smart devices. Due to this, marketing strategies have also changed to keep up with the trends. As a business owner, you do not want to miss the massive potential customers that are online.

Content marketing is a great way to tap into the online community and advertise your products or services while writing valuable content for internet users. Content marketing is the backbone of all the other marketing strategies. Below are some of the reasons why you need to invest in content marketing.

Attractive Conversion Rates

Content Marketing


Did you know that brands that invest in content marketing enjoy a high number of leads compared to companies that depend on pay-per-click ads? This is according to a study by eConsultancy. The same study also revealed that about 73% of businesses were not happy with their conversion rates. This is because the businesses never heard again from the visitors who tapped on their pay-per-click ads.

The case is different for businesses that had invested in content marketing. These businesses were able to get up to 12 times the leads they would get from pay-per-click ads. What is even more interesting is that the leads were far more likely (5 times) to transform the website visitors into paying clients.

Higher Returns than Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising


With content marketing, you get three times the leads for every single dollar you invest in content marketing compared to traditional marketing. Thus, with content marketing that involves applying an actionable content pyramid, you are sure to get value for our money. However, this does not mean that you should forgo the traditional ads altogether as the conventional marketing strategy still has its place. Nevertheless, for effective results, conventional methods of marketing like advertising and content marketing should go hand in hand.

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An Integral Form of SEO



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be tough at times with so many things to do for it to work. However, with superb content, you can improve your ranking on search engines like Google. Goggle gives priority to websites that continuously provide fantastic content that readers are looking for. The word ‘awesome’ here means content that is easy to read, engaging, and full of critical details.

Great content keeps visitors coming back to your site and even make them share the same content to their loved ones. Lyfe Marketing reported that companies that consistently post blog content have about 434% more web pages ranked by search engines compared to companies that don’t engage in publishing.

Even though Google keeps coming up with new ways of ranking websites, you can remain at the top of the search results page if you consistently produce excellent content.

Build and Maintain Online Reputation

Online Reputation


By consistently creating engaging content that potential customers are looking for, the customers will feel connected to your brand. As a result, they will hardly tarnish your name in case your brand fails to satisfy their need. This is because they will feel like it is not entirely your fault but also their faulty judgment.

Rather than pass you as incompetent and badmouth you on social media, the same customers will want to find out what went wrong on your end. Consequently, they will reach you privately so they can voice their concerns with your product. This is because you would have engaged with them on your website, thus building a connection with them.

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Besides helping you produce better products, this helps prevent the loss of other potential customers through negative reviews. Today, most people go through the review section before they purchase any product. You do not want to run the risk of losing potential customers due to negative reviews; hence, the need for engaging content.

Demonstrates your Expertise

Demonstrates your Expertise


Content marketing allows you to showcase your expertise as you create valuable content for your potential customers. Nevertheless, you need to consistently provide credible content to online customers before they consider your brand as reliable. If the online customers consider your information as trustworthy and they consider you an expert, they are more likely to spend their money on your product or service.

From the above points, it is clear that you need to invest in content marketing if you haven’t already. Once you do, you will begin to reap the fruits of this form of SEO.



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