5 Great Healthcare Careers for Those who Like to Travel

Healthcare Careers

When you start dreaming about jobs that involve travel, medicine is rarely first on that list. However, there are a surprising number of healthcare professionals that can travel either short-term or long-term. Furthermore, you don’t have to be an EMT or doctor to qualify for such positions. Here are 5 great healthcare careers for those who like to travel. We’ll also discuss the pay rates and job opportunities these positions open up to you.

Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse


Travel nursing is one of the best jobs for those who like to travel. You could work as a nurse at a summer camp and enjoy the amenities at night. Or you could work on a cruise ship and visit various ports on your day off. Work in a resort town during the busy season, and you can go skiing in the winter or visit the beach in the summer. Alternatively, you could travel to a location where there is simply a shortage of nurses. In many cases, both your travel and room and board are covered, and you’re well paid. You can work anywhere from 6 to 26 weeks.

Median pay is much higher than the seventy thousand dollars a year most RNs earn. However, this is a job where you can take a few months off yourself, too. Travel nurses are expected to be registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree. You can find an accredited online accelerated nursing program in Texas that will allow you to get a BSN degree if you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field. You’ll learn mostly online, but there are hybrid interactive courses and clinical experiences they line up for you.

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Travel Nurse Recruiter

Nurse Recruiter


This is an option for nurses who want to move out of the ward and into administration, though someone with an HR background could also enter this field. You’ll also be able to travel to far more places than the average travel nurse. This is because you’re visiting facilities that have trouble finding enough skilled nurses and well as visiting locations with nurses who may want to make a change. Expect to do interviews in the field, but you can hit the sights when you’re done. Recruiters may be salaried or paid on commission.

Traveling Medical Scribes



Medical scribes typically work in emergency rooms taking notes so that doctors and nurses don’t have to interrupt care to document what they are doing. Scribing is a great way to enter the medical profession without having to become a doctor or nurse. You could be trained in a matter of months. Furthermore, you can find travel assignments in this area.

Travel Therapists


Physical therapists may work in rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes or patient’s homes. There is a shortage of trained therapists. This means there are many facilities that hire traveling therapists while they try to fill openings. There are also opportunities that arise when a therapist is on maternity leave or medical leave. Most assignments are 13 to 26 weeks. You’ll earn more than a standard therapist role. You can choose where you go. And you’re free to travel between assignments if you don’t want to work three months in a vacation destination.

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Sales Representative


Whether you’re selling pharmaceuticals or medical equipment, sales representatives have plenty of opportunity to travel. The average sales rep earns more than ninety thousand dollars a year, though the best earn far more than that. You do have to have a strong foundation in medical and scientific terminology, but you already have that if you’re a former doctor or nurse. You might spend weeks in the field, hopping from destination from destination. You might see Hawaii visiting a medical conference or simply go there on vacation using your bonus check.




Many medical jobs involve local travel. However, it is possible to find medical jobs that allow for regional and global travel, including to the destinations you would love to be paid to visit.



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