13 Tips to Get the Best Domain Name for Your Website

Are you looking to purchase a domain name for your website? Before you finalize your domain name, it is critical to know you that the one you desire to buy is the ideal one.


Several factors come into account when opting for a domain name. It is not always about having the right name as having it isn’t enough for the domain to be of help. You need to take time to cross off some things in your checklist to pick the ideal domain name.


In the e-commerce world, choosing a domain name isn’t easy. It should set up your identity, for the function of your business, and be simplest to remember. In this article, 13 tips and places to get the best domain name for your website has been shared so you can make the ideal decision. These tips have been used before to purchase domains, and it has helped many people make the right decision. The tips shared will not only help you buy a perfect domain but also assist you from a business perspective.




Consider Spelling Differences

Several brands modify the spelling of words to develop a domain name, especially tech brands such as Flickr, Tindr, Netflix, and Tumblr. This technique for looking for an available domain can become a potential risk if your audience finds the modified spelling complex. Nevertheless, if you conduct adequate marketing to assist them in internalizing your brand name as it’s spelt, then it can be a smart way to reference the word you desire to use while claiming an available domain name.

Try Using Other Languages

A time you can find an English word that you wanted to use has a beautiful equivalent in another language. Try using the other language for the word for your domain name. You can try using Translatr, a website that has made it easy to get translations by entering a word and a list of translated words pop-ups in various languages. However, languages with different alphabets from English won’t be of help to you-there will still be a good list to choose from.

Opt for other High-Level Domains

If you like the first name that comes up to you, your best alternative is to see what other high-degree domains it’s available in. The highly competitive top-level domain by now is the .com; therefore, you’ll need several alternatives if you’re free to pick .shop, .biz, or .net amongst other high-degree domain alternatives. Different high-level domains usually tend to represent different ideas. For instance, a .biz domain would only make sense if your site will be for business, whereas opting for a .org domain would signal people that your website is a non-profit organization. So you won’t get confused, always consider understanding what the top-level domain you pick means before registering. However, with several high-level domains to pick from, you can find an ideal one to register your name with.

Conduct a Keyword Search

Keyword search is a critical initial phase for many forms of online marketing such as pay-per-click and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing. The tool is also significant when coming up with ideas for domain and brand name. Go to free keyword tools such as Answer the Public, Keyword Tool, and Google’s Keyword Planner to produce keyword ideas connected to the word you enter. Every approach from these keyword tools will depend on the language individuals are be using. Moreover, using a popular keyword in your website’s URL can be beneficial for search engine optimization.

Keep it Simple and Short

Domain names should be always be kept short. The longer the name, the harder it is to type it in the browser or even remember it. Short domain names are easy to memorize and there minimal chances of people misspelling or mistyping it. The issue that long domain names bring is causing traffic loss which could, in turn, affect the revenue of your business. The length of the right domain name should be limited to 15 characters.

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Let your Brand have a Cute Animal added to it

This tactic has been tried, and it has worked for several brands. Putting a cute animal to your domain name won’t only assist you in developing a unique brand name. It will also automatically offer a smart branding opportunity. You can design a beautiful mascot and logo for your brand inspires goodwill from your audience and is memorable. Many brands, including FoodPanda, Burt’s Bees, and Firefox use this tactic. Conceptualize a list of animals you like and find out if any can perfectly fit next to your domain name.

Avoid Special Characters and Numbers

Special characters and numbers would make the domain name to sound complex. This is something you wouldn’t want to happen to your website’s domain name. For instance, you decide to settle on a name like ‘humility2gether.net’. Initially, the name would sound good; however, imagine you’re at an occasion, and you’re asked about your site. While you’re standing to tell them it’s ‘humility2gether.net’, they’ll try to search for it and tell you they got nothing. You’ll have to explain to them that it’s â€2’ and not â€to’. This will create confusion that you’d wish you opted for a better name. This is why you shouldn’t choose names with special characters or numbers.

Contemplate Applicable Modifier you can add

Is there any relevant modifier you can add before the main nouns that describes what you do? Consider modifiers that sound awesome and have some connection to the other word you want to include in your domain name. For instance, a florist would come up with an excellent descriptive phrase; they would opt to use ‘splendid flower’. The adjective splendid can be easily memorized by visitors and thus give them a positive picture of your brand.

Admire Competitors for Inspiration

Admiring what other websites have accomplished can enhance your creativity. Identify websites that can offer similar information, services, or products to what your site will provide and list down the domain names they have. You should be careful not to opt for anything close to what your competitors use. However, you can use the phrases and words they’ve included in their domains as an excellent point for conceptualizing more of your ideas.


Allow Room for Expansion

The domain name you opt for mustn’t always be too recessed not except if you plan on specializing in one area. It is an exceptional practice that you go for a name that gives you room for expansion to other sectors in your industry. For instance, you want to begin a gardening site; you also need to plan on expanding it to other sectors such as home management. In such a case, it is also okay to opt for a name that isn’t just linked to gardening but also other relevant areas besides gardening. The reason why this is critical is, when you’ll want to expand to other areas, you won’t have to develop a new name.


Make it Local

If you’re still troubling to get something available that works conceptualize about putting the name of your city onto the domain. Domain names of local versions will be less competitive than opting for the ideas you had in mind. You could also use your neighborhood or street’s name if you like the way it sounds. This technique can give your audience useful information about your local business, while also easing your search for an available domain name.

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Think of Visuals or Objects to Add in your Brand

Animals shouldn’t be your only alternative; you can conceptualize objects you like or that hold relevant symbolism. Popular brands like Monster.com, Android, and Apple have employed this technique in developing their brand names. Conceptualize about any object that creates a visual you like or is of significance to you.

Think About Words you Like


You must be having ideas on some words that sound cool and have exciting meanings. You can base your domain name on a word that you like how it sounds; moreover, it doesn’t always have to be a word connected to what your brand does. Think of words that have an awesome sound or form a picture you like. Firms such as Serendipity and Pandora used this tactic. There are several lists you can get online that gather words people find beautiful. Avoid things that give your audience a hard time remembering or spelling, and something they can find offensive.


8 Places to Get the Best Domain Name for Your Website


Are you searching for the best places you can get domain names in 2020? Companies like Domain registrars are responsible for managing and registering domain names for all sites around the globe. Opting for the correct domain name registrar is critical since there are several ways to get tricked. Below, are some of the places you will get domain registrars by comparing their pros and cons. Picking the ideal domain registrar saves you from possible future issues. It will also assist you in protecting your brand name and ensuring there is ease when it comes to shifting your site to a new service provider or host. Based on the earlier-on discussed tips on getting the best domain names, these are the top places you can get the best domain name.



This is another excellent firm providing site owners with a one-stop store for shared site hosting and domain names. They give simple-to-use management tools for DNS, domain privacy, and an impressive selection of extensions. HostGater has a simple-to-use search tool that assists you to get your business a favorable domain name quickly. Their area for domain management is starter-friendly and well recorded, which makes it simple to shift domains if you want to. Besides web hosting and domain name, they have also brought in a new drag and drop website builder known as Gator. They also provide hosting and free domain name with all of their site builder schedules.



Domain.com began in 2000, and it is one of the most popular places you can get the best domain name for websites. They enable you to register all name extensions for high-level domain including several country code top-level domains. It has a fast search tool that you can use to research your domain name. Their search would also indicate the available premium domains. Through domain.com, you’ll get access to all domain management tools such as email account, easy management of DNS, smooth transfers, bulk registrations, and private registration. All these can be found in top domain registrars. They even have the option of buying web hosting from them.


Domain.com also have a live chat and email from which you can contact them if you have any questions. It provides a 25% off discount on domain items to WPBeginner readers. All you need to do is use their domain.com coupon code (nameboy) or click on the link from their website. If you desire only to register a domain name without web hosting, then this registrar is for you. Nevertheless, you want to start a blog or site; then option two is recommended since you’ll even get a free domain name.

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This enables you to search for premium domain names that match your search language. Premium domain names are already-existing domain names that are available for third-party sale. These domain names are more brandable, shorter, and memorable, making them costly. If you fail to get a favorable domain name and you have the money, you can use BuyDomains to get a premium domain name.



This is one of the most popular and oldest domain registration firms. GoDaddy manages over eighteen million clients, with seventy-seven million domain names. They provide a wide variety of domain name extensions to pick from. They have competitive prices, and you can even find a great discount on the first season of your domain’s registration. It has a significant simple-to-use interface for domain management which enables you to change the settings of your domain name or even transfer it.



This e-commerce platform enables everybody to begin an e-commerce business efficiently without any technical expertise. It is a famous domain name registrar and enables you to establish a shop quickly using your domain name. Shopify has powerful generators for business names which will help you choose an available domain name for your business. If you like, you can shift your domain name to other services. One disadvantage is that they don’t provide email addresses for domain names. Rather, you can use third-party email services or email forwarders such as Office365 and G Suite.



Bluehost is an official WordPress hosting partner and one of the biggest hosting firms around the globe. As a component of their web-hosting service, they also provide registration of domain names. It provides WPBeginner users with an SSL certificate, free domain name, and a discount on web hosting, which is ideal for anybody getting to make a website. You can begin at $2.75 monthly and receive a free domain name.



NameCheap has a great search tool that assists you to find the ideal domain name and gives suggestions when your preferred name is not there. They provide add-on services such as premium DNS and domain privacy. They have clean domain management; however, its interface isn’t as user-friendly, as GoDaddy’s. NameCheap provides free domain privacy with all their domain names. Despite all the right sides of NameCheap, it comes with several issues when logging into their domain management panel. This has forced many users to shift their main domains to other providers.



This is another popular web hosting service provider and domain name registrar. They provide readers with a free domain name with domain privacy. These all are included for those signing up for their Shared Unlimited hosting schedule. You can also choose to register a domain name without having to purchase hosting through them. They offer this at $8.99 per year, which also includes free registration. They provide four hundred plus top-level domains and comes with all tools for domain management.


Have Your Domain Name Registered Today!

Immediately you get a domain name you like, don’t postpone claiming it. You never know who else will have a similar idea tomorrow. I guess you don’t desire to begin the process of searching domain names again! Choosing the ideal domain name if a critical early phase in forming a website which requires some creativity and time. However, once you find one that works for you, you’re on the way to set in motion a website that effectively represents your brand.

If you desire to build a website, then you can get a unique domain name from the domain name registrars mentioned above once you sign up for their web hosting. With this article, you will be able to opt for the best place for your brand’s domain name.



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