11 Proven Ways to Reduce Cooling Costs

11 Proven Ways to Reduce Cooling Costs

The summer months are here. That means the temperatures will be rising, and your AC might be on for hours. This makes cooling your home during the summer can be very expensive. Here are a few ways to reduce cooling costs this summer.

Close curtains or blinds during the day and open them at night

Curtains block out sunlight which reduces heat buildup in your house. In addition, opening curtains at night allows cool air from outside into your home. This will also help with humidity levels as well.

Install solar films on windows

Solar films reduce the amount of sunlight entering through windows which creates less heat within the house. These films will also cut down on glare so that you can enjoy the view from your windows without being blinded by the light.

Replace or clean filters regularly

Cleaning or replacing AC filters is a quick way to improve airflow into your system. Dirty filters can cause your unit to work harder than it needs to, leading to higher energy bills and even damage over time. Change your filter monthly for optimal performance of a new machine.

Turn off lights to improve air quality and reduce cooling costs

For fresh air to flow in, you need to have stale air out. Turning off lights will keep hot inside air trapped, reducing how often your AC needs to turn on or run long. This also helps with humidity levels.

Use a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help save money by regulating the temperature of your home while you’re away from home during certain times of day, like when you go out for errands or work.

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Shut off electronics when not in use to reduce the load on your AC system

If you’re home and the room is cool, shut down power-hungry devices. Items like your computer, TV and gaming system generate much heat that can be exhausting on the air conditioning unit to remove or filter out during peak hours when it’s running extra hard to keep you cool. If you know that a particular device will be left unattended for an extended period, set it under sleep mode so that it isn’t drawing power and emitting heat, which will reduce the load on your AC and reduce cooling costs.

Reduce air leaks

Air leaks around windows, doors, and other openings allow cool air outside to come in contact with warm surfaces inside the home or office building, where it will get cooled down and then escape out through cracks or gaps in the construction materials. Check for any such openings with a tape measure and fill them up using caulk sealant or weather stripping foam before sealing off these areas completely with insulation or adding additional layers of drywall over them.

Get a fan

If you have good airflow in your home, consider installing a fan that will help circulate the cool air. For example, place it near an open window and pull cooler air into the room. Use the fans strategically in rooms where you’re most often spending time, such as bedrooms or living rooms.

Use compact fluorescent light bulbs

Installing these lights is not only eco-friendly but also saves on energy costs because they produce much less heat than traditional incandescent lamps do while still producing just as much (if not more) lighting, which means that ACs won’t need to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of buildings with them installed. Again, this will reduce cooling costs.

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Install attic insulation panels

Adding this layer between your roof decking and ceiling joists helps keep warm outside air from coming inside through cracks before being cooled down by interior surfaces.

Schedule for a home inspection

A professional home inspection can help identify contributing factors to a higher cooling cost and offer solutions to reduce it. In addition, professionals can inspect your AC system and recommend repairs or changes to the system as needed.

Final Thoughts

Cooling your home during the summer can be very expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be when you apply the above tips to reduce cooling costs. They will help keep you cooler while saving money at the same time. You should also consult a certified home inspector to ensure your cooling system is working correctly.



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