10 Cool Ideas for Gorgeous Summer Nails

The sun is out and blazing, the clear blue water calls, it’s always sunny in philadelphia – the beaches are alluring and inviting. You have the latest fashionable beach outfit that hugs your body perfectly. What else would you need to complete the most snatched look this summer? Nails, of course!

It’s time once more to bring out those vibrant colors that perfectly complement your outfit, your mood and your personality. With a wide variety of colors, shades and designs to choose from, here are some of the trendiest and hippest summer dip nail designs:

1. Ombre sunset to set the mood. Sunsets are just so romantic. With the explosion of colors and vibrant hues, featuring them on your nails will be just magnificent. The gradient transition between the bright pinks and yellow to a burst of orange will most definitely be a great pick-me-up that will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.


2. Two-toned Beach Ombre. Reflecting the prettiest shade of aqua blue and the beautiful powdered sand, having these on your fingernails will take you back to the days spent lounging under the summer sun, getting tanned while sipping your favorite cocktail.

3. Turquoise Majesty with shell details. This classic color is polished and prim but when incorporated with cute little shell or starfish accents will surely add a splash of whimsy to your fingertips.

4. Classic Cherry Red. This classic and polished look is still a favorite. Bringing an elegant yet flirty vibe, this will ignite the flames of romance and danger.

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5. Chunky Silver Glitters. Building sandcastles and frolicking by the beach, this design is a suitable representation of your youthful and carefree days.

6. Color Block. This technique has surpassed the “craze” status and looks like it is here to stay. This is a great way to showcase a theme or design especially to those who cannot decide on what to choose. Incorporating the color of nature such as vibrant greens and deep bright blues will be an amazing accent that will complete your summer ensemble.


7. Bright and Sunny yellow. The perfect shade of yellow with tiny specks of glitters to provide just the right amount of sparkle and shine. This will exude your bubbly personality that is fun and joyful.

8. Pink French Tips with a Metallic Accent. Reminiscent of the vibrant pink flamingos that line the gardens and complete your summer days as a child. Your stationary companions as you run through sprinklers and splash around in the wading pools.

9. Translucent shades of Apple Green and Cherry Red. To remind you of the warm summer afternoons sat on the porch, enjoying iced lollies that are fruity and sweet. Mostly, it would trickle down your arms as you giggle and gossip with your friends.


10. Watermelon Madness. Inspired by the most popular summer fruit, this green and red combination with small dots of black or black glitter will be a fun accessory for your summer outings. it’s a wonderful life.


Whatever design you may choose, ensure that you get products that are non-toxic and will not hurt your nails. Products that help strengthen the nails and are easy to remove are also a must seek.

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